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Take a Good Long Look at Nick

Alt textNick Adams sees the best of every world on a regular basis. Being from western New York, he can get a taste of the outdoors or the big city anytime he feels like it. Then, anytime he visits the Hudl offices, he gets a good dose of smaller city livin’ and infamous Midwestern hospitality.

We say ‘anytime’ because Nick works remotely from his house in Rochester. In fact, most Hudlies see Nick’s designs more often than they see Nick in the flesh. But maybe he likes it that way…

“I’m from a small town outside of Rochester, N.Y. called Clifton Springs. I grew up there through high school, before going to the Rochester Institute of Technology. After graduating, I stayed in Rochester and started a consulting company that did web design and development for small businesses. That evolved into a product-focused company that built a CMS for small weekly newspapers, along with a few other smaller software products.

“Those products never fully took off from a business perspective, and my business partner and I both got full-time offers from separate companies around the same time. They were hard to refuse, so we decided to close up shop and go our separate ways.

“The company I worked for was ultimately acquired, and after another stint freelancing I decided to look for a full-time position again, which led me to Hudl. I felt like a really good fit and apparently Hudl agreed, so I joined the team in February 2012 as a product designer.

“At the moment, I’m working on the Mobile Squad designing the iOS and Android apps. Before, I worked on the first version of Practice Scripts along with some internal tools to help us build Hudl better and faster.”

What’s something very few people might know about you?
Hopefully a lot of things. I like to remain private and mysterious. Maybe Nick isn’t even my real name.

What’s something from your childhood that you really miss?
Summers off where I had total freedom with few obligations. I could play baseball, ride my bike, hang out with friends, go swimming. Every day was completely wide open and you could spend it however you wanted. It was really all about your own imagination and creativity.

What country would you most like to visit? What would you do there?
Hard choice, but I’d say Africa. When I was a kid I was obsessed with nature shows (I guess I still am). So I would go to sub-Saharan Africa and go on a safari of some kind.

Any bad habits you’re looking to break?
I’m trying to cut back on sugar. Too much in my coffee, too much in my cereal, too much overall. And this is even after I stopped my diet of drinking almost a Coke per day. It’s been hard to cut back though, your brain can acquire a pretty strong taste for it.

What really stresses you out?
I don’t like clutter, that stresses me out. I also don’t like falling behind when I have a big list of things to do. Running out of time, or running behind will stress me out. Otherwise, I like to think I’m pretty easy-going.

Compare and contrast Lincoln and Rochester.
They are pretty similar for the most part. Rochester has the advantage of being in close proximity to a lot of really interesting bigger cities, and the greater Rochester region is also very nice. A Great Lake, a city, a forest, a Finger Lake, and a mountain are all only an hour away.

Lincoln has a much more lively downtown. Take a 25k+ university and a nationally-recognized football team, and put all that close to a downtown area and good things happen. That’s something Rochester really lacks, as our downtown had a mass exodus after some really big companies became not so big in a short amount of time, making it kind of a ghost town at the moment (though hopefully it’s turning a corner).

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