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Opting for Nebraska Winters

Alt textHannah Newberry has been with Hudl for just over a year, but you’d think it was five or six. She only spent a couple of months supporting our coaches before moving into sales. Once she was there, she couldn’t be stopped. When Hudl Club & Youth first became a thing, its department had three people - total - and she was one of them. Now, she’s in charge of getting a much larger Club & Youth squad in gear, and we have total faith she’ll crush it.

“I’m originally from Wahoo, Neb., where I participated in band (played the drums), dance, mock trial, student council, softball, basketball and track all the way through high school. And I worked at Pizza Hut. As I grew up, my family would visit Estes Park every single summer, which was pretty awesome.

“After high school, I attended the University of Arizona for one year. Turns out they didn’t have my major, so I transferred back to UNL. The second I graduated I moved to Denver for a few months, and finally ended up back in Arizona where I worked at Enterprise for three years. While I didn’t love every part of it, it’s how I met my husband, so it was totally worth it. We got married in October 2011 and moved back to Nebraska in December 2012. He hated the Arizona weather and I wanted to be by family, so it worked out.

“I was lucky enough to land a job here at Hudl right when I moved back, which was great. I started in Coach Support and moved into Club & Youth sales last April. Earlier this month I moved into the Club & Youth Lead position, so I get to continue to sell Hudl to club and youth teams on the west coast while growing our team and making sure we’re hitting all of our goals. It’s going to be a great year!”

Any bad habits you’re looking to break?
I’m currently trying to eat healthier. I could go through an entire bag of chips in one sitting if I let myself. I won’t buy any now, and I’ll only let my husband buy the kinds I hate or am allergic to. Luckily I’m super picky, so there are only a few that he can’t get.

How would you describe your handwriting?
Legible. I don’t have terrible handwriting, but it’s not great either. Most people can read what I write, which is the point.

Favorite Hudl memory so far.
I attended the Hudl Up Tour stops in Texas last year. It was just me, Brianna Black and a couple of male Hudlies, so we only had two hotel rooms for each stop. Brandon Gries was in charge of booking the hotels and chose the Romance Package for one of the stops, so Bri and I had chocolates, champagne and roses waiting for us when we got to the room. Very classy.

What’s the most valuable life skill a person can have?
Learning to be independent. Being able to stand on your own two feet is important to succeeding in anything you do. If you have to rely on other people to get things done, you won’t go very far in school, work or relationships. Take care of yourself first and it’s easier to take care of others.

Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses?
Umm, 100 duck-sized horses I guess. I’m not the strongest, so it would be a fairer fight against the little guys.

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