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Internet Famous Andrew

Alt textAndrew Brinkman is a project manager making sure our basketball product is awesome and the mobile apps do their thing. Neither of those is a small task, but he’s been doing well for the last year, so we’ll keep him around, mostly because we have a hunch he knows the secret to getting hundreds of thousands of retweets. Once he fills us in, we’ll sever ties.

Just kidding, he’s really great and a huge asset to the Hudl Product Team and we’re never letting him go.

“I grew up on a farm right outside the big little town of Shickley, Neb. I have one older brother, Adam, and two younger sisters, Arielle and Anna. I played pretty much every sport available in high school. I was better at some (football and track) than others (basketball and golf). I graduated from the Raikes School at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and earned my MBA a few years later.

“I’m married to my beautiful wife Katee, and we have an unbelievably cute six-month-old daughter named Piper. Before arriving at Hudl, I was a software engineer at IBM and a QA engineer/product manager at Pen-Link. Now, I’m a project manager for Hudl’s Basketball and Mobile teams, which means I help those teams learn what the products need from our customers, plan the work, and make sure we’re staying on track.”

Would you ever want to be famous? In what way?
Man, not really. At least, not in a movie star or musical artist way. I guess it’d be okay if I was respected in my field and became some kind of Twitter celebrity. In between “real” tweets, I’d tweet super vague things all day, and people would read those and be like, “That is the deepest, most profound thing I’ve ever read.”

What are your feelings toward naps?
Take one whenever you can. With a six-month old, you learn to seize that opportunity.

What would be the soundtrack to the movie about your life?
Probably this 90s alternative playlist I put together on Spotify. I could listen to Santa Monica by Everclear all day.

What’s the most recent movie you watched for the first time? What did you think of it?
The Great Gatsby. We rented it but only managed to get halfway through before we fell asleep because of baby-related exhaustion. I didn’t realize how popular Jay Z was in the 1920s.

What has Piper taught you?
To be mindful of what I’m holding when I’m also holding her.

Alt text

What’s the one, most important thing you want to teach her?
We are extremely fortunate to have what we have, and should help support those that are less fortunate. That’s one reason I’m so happy Hudl is partnering with the People’s City Mission this year.

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