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Hudl Helps Strong Kids

Alt textOne of the many benefits of working at Hudl is the opportunity to take part in Hudl Helps - a program that allows employees to donate to a charity or non-profit of their choice on behalf of the company. Recently, 16 Hudlies took the initiative to pool their Hudl Helps funds and make one large donation to the Lincoln YMCA’s annual Strong Kids campaign.

In a nutshell, the Strong Kids campaign at the Lincoln Y makes sure that no one is denied an opportunity to participate in any program, no matter their status or background. They specifically fund youth sports activities, summer camp experiences, and swimming lessons for underprivileged kids. In fact, a number of Hudlies were lucky enough to participate in Strong Kids activities as kids and counselors, so it wasn’t hard to get a handful of others on board.

We love all of the work the YMCA does, but we were especially excited about the opportunity to work with young, aspiring athletes. You know, because we kind of like sports. Giving every kid an opportunity to experience the value of sports and working as a team is something we are proud to be a part of. Who knows, maybe someday we’ll proudly display their highlights on Hudl.com.

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