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2013 Did Support Good

2013 is over and done with, and it was a blast for our support team. As usage continued to grow at an incredible rate, we saw another record year for our support team. But you don’t have to take my word for it, let’s look at the numbers!

We took 75,637 calls in 2013. Sure, that’s a lot of calls, but it’s 11% less than what we took in 2012. This can be interpreted a few different ways, but I think the biggest reason for the drop is that coaches feel pretty comfortable contacting us in other ways and know that a phone call isn’t always necessary. Speaking of which…

We answered 87,287 emails in 2013. That’s almost 40,000 more than we took in 2012, representing a 76% increase! The last five months of emails have been our five busiest months in Hudl history. Luckily, we have some folks who majored in English and journalism, so we just locked them in a room and made them answer every last one. Just kidding (kind of)!

We responded to 14,464 chats in 2013. That number is 44% more than what we took in 2012, showing an increasingly popular method for coaches to reach out.

This brings our total interactions in 2013 to 177,388, or 22% more than 2012. Looking on a smaller scale, that’s almost 500 calls/emails/chats per day. As you may have guessed, we’re still pretty heavily weighted towards football, but that’s beginning to change - as you can see from this graph.

Alt text

Of the 75,000+ calls we took in 2013, we answered 65% of them within 30 seconds and 77% within one minute. Considering our average hold time was over a minute long in 2012, this is a pretty big improvement for us.

So that’s how the quantity breaks down, but how did we do in terms of quality? After each phone call we take, we send a quick two-question survey asking the coach to rate his experience and the rep. We received 13,490 responses last year. Of those 13,490:
- 13,055 (96.8%) said their experience with our support team was awesome. This is up from 95.1% in 2012.
- 13,419 (99.5%) said they’d hire the support rep they worked with. This is up from 99.1% in 2012.

Like I said, we have a great time on our support team. We love helping coaches and doing whatever we can to make your experience with Hudl as smooth and effective as possible. We hope you had a great 2013, and we’re looking forward to working with you in 2014 as well. Dále.

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