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In Support, Less is More

Alt textAs football season continues to wind down and basketball season starts to pick up, our phone call and email numbers are still dropping, which is awesome. It means that while more teams are adopting Hudl, our software updates and push in tutorial, training session and social media usage are making our coaches smarter – so we just aren’t needed as often. Let’s take a look at some November stats.

We took just 7,542 calls last month, which is an 11% drop from October and a 12% drop from November 2012. I don’t want to be too dramatic, but that’s about as close to freedom as we’ll get.

Emails continue to outpace phone calls, continuing a trend that started in April. We fielded 8,639, which was about 2,000 less than October, but 56% more than November 2012. We also answered 973 chats, which was down 17% from last year and 20% from last month.

Of our 7,500+ calls, 62% of them were answered within 30 seconds, which is something we’re constantly working to improve. We got to 75% of them within one minute and 92% within three minutes. Back in Black is a great song, but we don’t want you to hear it more than once when you call us.

A slower month saw our survey numbers rise quite a bit. We received 1,287 surveys back from coaches after they got off the phone with us. Of those 1,287:
- 1,257 (97.7%) said their experience was awesome.
- 1,283 (99.7%) said they would hire the support rep they worked with.

In keeping with the Thanksgiving spirit, we’re so thankful to have such great coaches to work with each and every day. Our main goal is to help coaches win, so we love doing anything we can to make that happen. Let us know if you ever need help with anything. Ever. We’re just a call, email, chat or tweet away. Happy Holidays!

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