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Old Hudl Has New Tricks

We’ve been working hard on the next version of Hudl for basketball, but there are still thousands of coaches using the current Hudl product to break down their basketball video. So we took a break from the new and focused on updating the old - and we made sure everything was ready to go before your holiday tournaments tip off. Here’s what we’ve done so far:

  • Possession Splitter Save & Resume
    Don’t have time to split the entire game in your free period? Not a problem. Just hit Save & Close, and we’ll create a new playlist with “- Edited” in the name. You can go back to Possession Splitter later and pick up right where you left off to finish splitting your film.

  • Possession Splitter Undo
    Before, if you made a mistake in Possession Splitter, you’d have to remember where you messed up and manually edit breakdown data after the fact, close Possession Splitter and open Edit Video to merge/split the incorrectly cut clips, or both.

    Now, just hit Undo (Ctrl+z), and it’s as though nothing ever happened. If you made 10 mistakes in a row, hit that button 10 times to get back on track. The possibilities are endless.

Alt text

  • Missed shots where a foul occurred no longer count against your shooting percentage in the Team Breakdown Report.
  • Individual reports are now sorted by jersey number instead of name.
  • And printed reports look a lot nicer –- no more tables broken across multiple pages.

There are a few other enhancements and fixes we’ll (hopefully) push to the current basketball product after the first of the year, so stay tuned for more info on those. Happy Holidays!

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