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Jason Is "That Guy"

Alt textJason McClanathan is our go-to guy for two very important things: mobile apps and soccer. (So if you love fútbol and your phone or tablet, Jason is your favorite Hudlie by default.) We’re glad he likes soccer because if he didn’t, he may have never become a coach. And if he hadn’t been a coach, he may have never known about Hudl. And if he’d never known about Hudl, we wouldn’t have such an awesome guy working on our awesome iOS and Android apps.

And that’s not even the best thing to come from his coaching career!

“I grew up and still live in Omaha. Life was pretty average with parents who love and support me. I played several sports but seemed to excel in soccer. After high school, I decided architecture would be my career path. I enjoy creating things, so architecture seemed like a good fit. I had a great experience in school and landed a good job at a firm after graduation. During my time at the firm, I started coaching youth soccer on the side just for fun. It became so much fun that I changed my career and became a full-time coach.

“Turns out going into coaching was a good move for me. I first met Becky, my wife, through soccer and coaching connections. It was less than two years before we were married. Two years after that we had our first child, Jaycelyn, who was followed by Braiden and Brody. Now they’re 5, 4 and 1. We have no trouble staying busy.

“I’d been coaching for six years when our soccer club decided to get a Hudl subscription. Throughout my time at home and school, and in a professional setting, I was always ‘that guy’ people went to when they had a computer issue. I noticed Hudl had a job opening for ‘that guy’. It seemed like a new challenge, so I applied and was lucky enough to be hired.

“In my three years at Hudl, I’ve been in QA (quality assurance) working on many different projects. Now most of my time is spent doing QA for our iOS and Android apps.”

Who are your favorite sports teams? What if you could only like one team for the rest of your life?
Nebraska football, Chiefs football, and Arsenal football (or I guess “soccer” as they call it in the USA). I’d choose Arsenal because they have a longer season and more games, which means more reasons for me to sit on the couch, yell at the TV and eat unhealthy snacks.

What’s your opinion on iOS vs. Android?
Android is good if you like to tinker with things and fix them. iOS is good if you want something that works. iOS is a more mature environment by 2-3 years, which is noticeable if you want it to just work, however Android is closing the gap. It’s a fun race to watch.

What holiday jam is guaranteed to make you break out in song?
Not really a holiday jam, but Salt-N-Pepa’s “Push It”. When everything is done for a release, I post the video in our office chat to let everyone on the mobile squad know we’re good to push the new bits.

Who’s a fictional character that you’d love to trade lives with?
Julius Caesar. I’ve always been interested in history and architecture, so to go back in time to see Rome in its prime would be amazing.

Favorite Hudl feature you’ve been a part of.
That’s a tough one. Probably Live Tag because it saves coaches so much time, or Mobile Capture because it has the potential to change how coaches coach. And creating notes on the iPad, because it’s a big step in tearing coaches away from their PC.

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