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Take Brett Bowling, Please

Alt textBrett Kunz has been around for quite some time. He started in support in 2009, and there’s not much he hasn’t done. In fact, there’s a chance he’ll end up doing some things a second time. But he’s good at said things, so it’s fine. We just want him to stick around because karaoke wouldn’t be the same without him.

Name a tune and he’ll crush it - sometimes without ever looking at the lyrics. You could say it’s his superpower.

“I grew up in a small town in Nebraska. Through my childhood and high school, I was involved in just about every sport or activity that was available. My dad had me golfing at a very young age, and I can still remember my first club as his old driver cut in half, with duct tape as the grip. When I graduated, I had a strong interest in sports broadcasting and graduated from the University of Nebraska with a degree in broadcast journalism.

“Hudl has been a pretty huge part of my life over the last four and a half years. I started working here two days after I graduated college and have loved my experience ever since. I’ve done a little bit of everything: I was in support for two years, account management for one year, sales for one year, and just wrapped up a year in business development and marketing. It’s been a wild ride, but I wouldn’t change one second.”

What’s the best Christmas gift you received growing up?
The John Elway-endorsed Vortex football was probably my favorite. My buddies and I would set up a trash can a block away and try to make it. Loved that football. If you were to ask Easter gift, though…

When it comes to sports, do you like to participate or spectate?
I would honestly rather play most sports, with golf being my favorite. Watching college football is pretty hard to beat, but I would definitely rather participate in everything else, except for bowling and soccer – I would prefer to do neither. Without a doubt though, my favorite sporting event to watch is The Masters. My dream is to make it down to Augusta for a gorgeous weekend sitting on Amen Corner.

Related: What sport are you awful at?
Bowling. Next question.

What’s your go-to holiday flick?
Definitely Home Alone. It makes you want to make a macaroni and cheese dinner, and mess up some criminals.

Do you prefer big city or country livin’?
I was raised in a town of 600, but live in a larger city now, and thoroughly enjoy traveling to cities like New York and LA. I require a pretty good balance. If I ever feel suffocated, I can always drive back home and unwind a bit. You can breathe easier in smaller towns. It’s true.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
The first real career passion I had was to be a Disney animator. I would pause movies and try to sketch out characters on the screen. After that, SportsCenter anchor, all the way.

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