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Allison Would Like to Buy a Vowel

Alt textAllison Regan prefers to go by “Alli”, but when she joined Hudl in January, the office already had two Alli(e)s, so she’s graciously going by her full name. That’s one reason to like her a lot.

Her connections to the Lincoln bar scene are another reason. Anytime Hudlies need a place to let loose, Alli’s our girl. Of course she’s happy to oblige, because Alli loves having fun. She might even rank in the top five funnest Hudlies. We only say ‘might’ because there’s never been an actual vote.

We’ll get on that ASAP.

“I am from all over small-town Nebraska, living in Loomis until I was a freshman, then moving to Elsie. Neither town has more than 400 people. Sports became a part of my life at a very young age and stayed that way through college. I participated in every sport that I could. After high school, I attended Doane College and graduated with a degree in business administration with a marketing emphasis. I’ve been married for almost four years to my husband, Seth, and we have a son, Tommy, who is the light of our lives.

“I’ve been at Hudl for almost one year and have loved every second. I am currently a territory manager for Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada and Utah. I talk to coaches on a daily basis about how they can use film to coach and develop players outside of a game and practice setting. My favorite part is going to clinics and interacting with coaches from different backgrounds. Showing them new tools and features in Hudl is priceless.”

If you could ask Siri anything, what would it be?
“What is your last name?” I hope she would say ‘Ously’, but I know it’s probably Smith or Jones.

What’s your favorite thing about the holidays? What’s the worst thing?
If it is a white Christmas, that is my absolute favorite. I also love stockings and these Cherry Cordial cookies that Little Debbie makes. Trust me, they are amazing. The worst thing about the holidays is Black Friday. I used to work retail and I will never support this day of shopping. Yuck!

What are your three favorite websites? (besides Hudl)
ESPN or any way to keep track of my fantasy football team, which is really bad this year. Amazon, because you can find anything. And Pinterest. I’m a terrible cook, but it’s slowly transforming me into someone who could one day compete on Top Chef. And I mean SLOWLY.

What’s your favorite electronic device?
My hair straightener. My hair looks morbid and wrong without using it daily.

Would you rather go back in time and meet your ancestors, or into the future to meet your descendants?
I want to meet my ancestors and ask them how they came up with my maiden name – Tvrdik. I would go all Pat Sajak on them and buy a vowel.

What’s your preferred form of communication?
Face-to-face. I like to see all facial expressions, good and bad, that come with a conversation.

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