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Hudl on Ice

When most people think of Hudl, they think of football. But over the past six months, a new group of coaches have come to us, hoping to get more out of their video. What sport do they coach? Ice hockey.

Teams across the United States and Canada have kicked off the winter season with Hudl. Whether it is youth, club or high school, coaches and athletes are realizing the growing importance of film study.

We wanted to learn more, so we talked with Paul Rai, head coach of the Brickmen Bantam AA, a team in the Maple Leaf Athletic Club of the Edmonton Rural Bantam Hockey League. He first heard about Hudl from his sons, who play football in the U.S., and decided to try it out with his team this season.

What are you using Hudl for?
“The biggest thing I like about Hudl is kids need to see what they are doing. As a coach, you have a feel for what’s happening, but with film they can also recognize what is going on. The whole awareness of what happens in the game starts to change after you watch it. We tell [our players] all the time that film doesn’t lie.”

How are you using Hudl?
“I like being able to tag the video however I’d like. We also use a ton of telestrations; we draw up plays and situations to show [our players] what they did well, or what they need to do better.

“We make sure [our players] know the film is there, and will check to make sure they are watching it. Our parents like to watch the video, too. It’s really a tool for both players and parents to use and learn. I like that they get involved.

“Our team is still learning what features will benefit us the most, but I’m excited to get started with highlights. We plan to sit down later in the season and talk about what goes into making a good highlight, but I see it helping us continue to get our kids to the next competitive level.”

What would you tell other ice hockey coaches about Hudl?
“I’d tell any coach that it is a really easy system to use. It’s convenient to tag. The biggest benefits are sharing with players and watching film on any device. We love the iPad, that’s what my son watches film on. Kids really love that part and it makes for an awesome experience.”

Get more information on Hudl’s Club & Youth hockey packages here. If your high school already has Hudl, you could receive a subscription at a discounted rate. Contact our sales team if you have any questions.

You can head here to learn more about the Maple Leaf Athletic Club.

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