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Keepsakes for Christmas

Alt textChristmas is next week and there’s a chance you still have some shopping to do - plenty of Hudlies are in the same boat. Some people are just impossible to shop for. They might already have everything they need, or maybe they don’t have a list, but we have just the thing. Whether you’re out to find the perfect gift for your players, your wife, Mom, Dad, your best friend or a Secret Santa, a Hudl Keepsake is perfect.

And the recipient isn’t the only person who will benefit from a Hudl Keepsake. When you turn on Keepsake fundraising, your team earns back a portion of every DVD and download purchased through Hudl. Giving athletes, parents and fans the ability to buy their own copies of your team’s highlights and games is saying yes to free money.

  • For every $9 download, your team gets $4 back.
  • For every $25 DVD, you get $8.
  • And for every $29 DVD + download combo, you get $10 back.

If you’re worried about giving too many people access to your film, we let you choose who can order.

  • Make it Public so anyone can access those games and highlights.
  • Create a password for people to enter so only those you trust can get their hands on game film.
  • Lock it down and make sure only those with an actual Hudl account (coaches and players) can order keepsakes of their own.

Keepsakes are an even bigger deal now that we’ve added HD downloads to the order. As long as your game film is uploaded in high definition, anyone ordering a copy can choose HD and see every gritty detail in every top play of the 2013 season.

Alt text

If you’re still not convinced, we crunched a few numbers to prove there is a method to our madness, and people really want those copies. In the last year:

  • 36,198 keepsakes have been ordered through Hudl (nearly 70% were downloads)
  • 1,968 teams have earned money through Keepsake fundraising
  • Hudl has given $135,668 back to teams as a result of Keepsakes

Still have questions about using Keepsakes? Let us know. We’re more than happy to help - especially this time of year.

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