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Some Pre-Tipoff To-Dos

With many teams already through the first few weeks of the season, we thought now would be a good time to make sure our basketball coaches are ready to roll for 2013-2014. Below is a list of some helpful tips to get prepared for this year, along with some of the more common support questions we’ve seen so far this season. Check them out.

  1. Make sure Hudl Mercury is installed on your computer.

    Still using Video Editor to break down your film? Not anymore. If you don’t already have it, go to your Overview page and install Hudl Mercury to upload your film in a fraction of the time. Once your film is uploaded, you can use our fancy online possession splitter and reports specifically made for basketball to break down your game.

  2. Create your 2013-14 schedule.

    Still need to enter this year’s roster? Make sure to create your 2013-14 season first! In order to add your athletes to Hudl, you need to have the season created in your library. Go to your Manage Schedule page and click Add Season in the black bar. There you’ll have the option to carry over any underclassmen that may still be on the team. Then, head to the Manage Roster page to add any newcomers. (This is really important if your athletes plan to tag highlights from the current season.)

  3. We have HD highlights now, so upload your film in high-def!

    If you haven’t noticed already, Hudl users now have the ability to purchase their Premium and season highlights in high-definition – but only if the film is uploaded in HD. If you’re not sure how to upload in HD with Hudl Mercury, this should help.

  4. “I’ve deleted all of our past games and our private video storage didn’t change at all. What’s up?”

    This is easily one of the most common questions our support team has heard over the past couple of weeks. Below are a couple of details regarding storage hours, and some tips to help manage them when you need to.

    • Private video storage hours are shared by ALL basketball teams on the account. This includes men’s, women’s, varsity, JV, sophomore, etc. (If you have five teams and a Silver account, you have 10 hours to distribute among those five teams, not 10 hours per team.)
    • Private storage hours consist of practice footage and opponent scout film, so there should never be any reason to remove your own games from your library.
    • Just because you need to delete opponent scout to clear up hours, doesn’t mean you need to get rid of that game forever.
    • A lesser-known Hudl page that will help immensely with monitoring shared hours is Manage Storage. Here you can see what’s taking up valuable space, delete unwanted playlists, and restore any playlist that may have been deleted within the last 90 days.
  5. Set up a League Pool. Everybody’s doing it.

    Want an easier way to share film with your league or district? Set up a league pool to share film with every team at once. Just email support@hudl.com with a list of the teams that should be in the pool, and we’ll get it put together by the time conference play rolls around.

As always, we’re ready and willing to answer any other questions you might have this season. Don’t be afraid to email or tweet us anytime something comes up. Good luck this season!

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