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A Breath of Fresh October Air

And just like that, support falls off a cliff. Well, it wasn’t quite that dramatic of a drop, but it was nice to catch a breather in October. As usual, let’s talk some numbers.

We took only 8,463 calls last month, which was almost 5,000 fewer than September. Looking back at 2012, the number of support calls has been down all football season. In 2012, we took 41,776 calls August through October. Those same three months in 2013 amounted to 34,709.

Emails stayed strong in October. We fielded 10,448, which is 5,000 fewer than September, but 3,500 more than last October. We’ve now taken over 10,000 emails in each of the past three months. Prior to August 2013, we’d never had a month over 10,000. We took only 1,152 chats – that’s less than half of what we did in September.

As you’d probably expect, our average hold time went down quite a bit due to so few calls. 37 seconds was the average time a coach waited on the phone before talking to one of our support reps. Our average call length was six minutes and four seconds. That means that on average, a coach would call in and have their issue resolved or question answered in six minutes and 41 seconds. You get back to coaching and we get back to doing what we love.

We also set up just 1,129 remote sessions, 700 fewer than September.

Our survey results held fairly steady during October. We received 1,544, and of those:
- 1,491 coaches (96.6%) said their experience was awesome. - 1,535 coaches (99.4%) said they’d hire the rep they worked with.

As we continue to wind down with football, we know that basketball and other winter sports are picking up for a lot of schools. We’re always trying to reach the peak of our abilities, so if you have an issue or question regarding Hudl and seven minutes to spare, let us know!

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