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Playbook Tracking, Animation and Previews

Even if your offseason has already started, there are a handful of Playbook updates worth checking out – from a tiny change in drawing tools, to a whole new way of seeing your plays in action. Football may be over, but the feedback never stops, and neither should the updates.

Animated Play Diagrams

We’re really excited to introduce presentation mode. Open any install and click Present to see the cards in full screen. When you scroll through the install with your mouse, finger or arrow keys, you see every play in action - from the snap of the ball to the completion of each route. Any rules or instructions associated with the play appear right next to the diagram, so it’s perfect for team installation meetings.

We’re hoping to add example video clips to each card sometime soon. Keep an eye out for that update.

Preview Mode

The next to-do we tackled was giving you the ability to see what your athletes see. Anytime you’re working on an install, just hit the Preview button to get a glimpse of what your players will receive once the install is shared.

Player Usage Tracking

To make sure your athletes are actually studying what you share, we added player tracking to every install. With each install is a list of the players who have access to it, the progress they’ve made in studying the install, and the date and time they last viewed everything.

Alt text

Drawing Tool Controls

The smallest change we made was moving the drawing tools panel to right below the play card. Before, it covered up the bottom portion of the diagram and caused some trouble for coaches using the I and pistol formations. We repositioned the panel so it doesn’t cover any part of the play, and got the rarely used tools out of your way. Delete, Undo and Redo now appear only when they’re actually needed.

To see the new features in action, feel free to register for our online training session on Monday, Dec. 2 at 9 a.m. CT or check out the tutorial. And as always, keep the feedback coming with comments below.

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