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Exchanging Never Looked So Good

Alt textSometimes change can be a little scary. Especially when big changes are made to something you use all the time, like the Hudl Exchanges page. Considering the regular season is almost over – or totally over in some states – your Exchanges page has had its fair share of visits in 2013.

Which is why seeing a totally different page this weekend might come as a shock, but try not to panic. It’s a good thing.

Earlier this season, we talked about beta testing mobile exchanges and it was great, so the feature was turned on for everyone and we decided to use the same awesome design for desktop exchanges. The page may look totally different, but it’s just as easy to use, if not easier. We promise.

Key Features:

  1. Responsive Layout - No matter the device, all elements on the page fit the screen perfectly and the functionality is tailored to whatever phone, tablet or computer you’re on. We put tons of thought into every button and workflow to make sure the page was optimized for the touch of your finger or the click of a mouse.
  2. Get Started Easier - We find teams on your schedule or past teams you have exchanged with to generate suggestions on who should receive the film. When it comes to starting an exchange, we hope you never have to use the search bar again.
  3. Flow So Smooth - We have better help messages to move you through the whole exchange quicker. We also made it easier to see what each coach is asking for and exchanging.

New Terms:

Suggested Teams - We comb through your existing schedule entries to find everyone you might want to exchange with. If we can’t find any teams on the schedule, we’ll list your last 15 exchange partners.

Alt text


App Access - Our mobile team just worked out the kinks in bringing this layout to the mobile app. The plan is to have Exchanges listed with Library and Tag a Game as soon as you open the app. It should be available in the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye out!

This should go without saying by now, but keep the feedback coming. We want to know what you think of the new page and what might still be missing.

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