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Mobile Updates for Everyone

Alt textUpdates to our mobile apps are usually sporadic, and typically apply to only iOS or Android, not both. But this week is different. This week is monumental. This week, we have multiple updates for both iOS and Android devices. We took a look at all of the feedback we received from coaches and players, and made sure everyone got a little something out of our latest releases. (If you’re not one of the everyone who gets a little something, let us know. No suggestion goes unnoticed!)

Hudl for iOS

  • Athletes
    1. Listen to music while watching Hudl: You can now open the Hudl app without pausing another app’s music. We know it’s a bummer that you can no longer add your own music to Premium Highlights, but maybe watching your highlights while that music plays in iTunes can be the next best thing.
    2. View your highlights in the iPad app: When you open the menu to find Activity Feed, Library, and Downloaded Videos, Highlights & Top Plays should be listed at the very bottom. Anything you mark as a highlight online will appear in that list. (We’re also working on tagging highlights from the app, but there’s no timeline yet!)
  • Coaches
    1. Loop a single clip: The next time you view film on your iPhone or iPad, just tap the loop icon in the bottom right corner to replace the slash with a 1, and watch that clip until your heart’s content. (When you’re viewing in fullscreen on the iPad, the loop icon appears under the playback controls on the left.)
    2. Create annotations on iPad: This is still in beta, but once it’s available, you’ll be able to draw on the video as it plays in the app. Those same drawings will appear on a second screen whenever you choose to present from your iPad (but they won’t save to your online library).

Alt text

Hudl for Android

  • Athletes
    1. View highlights in the app: You should see a new tab along the top of your screen titled Highlights. (Weird, right?) Just open that up to see your own Premium Highlights, game highlights and Top Plays.
    2. Trim highlights as you tag: Some athletes already had this ability, but as soon as you double tap the screen to star a play, we’ll give you the tools to trim out any worthless video before the clip is added to your reel.
  • Coaches
    Zoom during mobile capture: Just pinch the screen to zoom, either right before you record or in the middle of capturing. (Android users are the first ones to see this feature - it’s not available on iOS yet, so definitely let us know what you think!)

  • Everyone
    View annotations with downloaded playlists: If notes and telestrations are added to a playlist on a computer, those same annotations should appear when you download the playlist to your device for offline viewing. If you have any previously downloaded games, annotations will appear on those, as well.
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