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Tyler and the Hoff

Alt textTyler Deboer isn’t the chattiest Hudlie. Which is fine, because he doesn’t work in support, so it’s not like he has to answer calls and talk to coaches all the time. But we do wish he spoke up just a little more, because anytime he does, it’s great. If you know anyone with a really dry sense of humor, Tyler’s is drier. You may think that’s impossible. It’s not.

But maybe it’s a good thing he doesn’t like to talk. Tyler is very athletic, and probably has great stories from his glory days. It’s nice knowing his future kids won’t have to hear them five or six times.

“I spent my childhood on a farm just outside of Lincoln before moving into the “big city” in 8th grade. I lived in Austin, Texas for a year after college, but moved back to Lincoln in 2012. I have three siblings, although I’m the only one currently within 1,300 miles of home. I have a brother in Brooklyn, a brother in South Korea, and a sister in Germany. And here I am five minutes down the road from my parents’ house. At least I get free meals?

“I’ve worked at Hudl as an interactive designer since February. I help design a lot of the public-facing pages on Hudl.com and have a hand in our marketing campaigns.”

Are you a clean person? How do you handle messes?
I’m a little bit of a clean freak. It seems to be getting worse (better?) with age. I get anxious when my place is dirty or messy, sometimes to the point where it’s all I can think about, and I can’t get anything done unless I clean. My mom will probably be happy to hear this.

If Hudl came under attack, what would be your office supply weapon of choice?
It depends on the type of attack. If it’s like a zombie or a disgruntled postal worker, we have a wide assortment of fairly heavy computer monitors that would probably do some damage. But if it’s like a cold or flu attack, I’d probably go with the sink and plenty of hand soap.

How would you max out your credit card?
Probably bulk-buying 1,000 of these CDs.

What’s the worst thing about Thanksgiving?
Call me crazy, but turkey isn’t that great. Why couldn’t the pilgrims have brought lobster to the first Thanksgiving dinner? I mean, they were right on the coast. Then we would all be eating lobster on Thursday. Think about that.

What’s your go-to movie snack?
I love sneaking Chipotle burritos into the theater. Is Chipotle a snack? It can be a snack right?

Who’s your favorite bad guy?
Probably Vincent Vega. I realize he was the protagonist in Pulp Fiction, but he was also sort of a bad guy, like in general, since he was a hired hitman and all. Plus, the dude could dance.

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