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E is for Erin

Alt textErin Wacker is very Nebraskan. We’re not just saying that because she was born and raised in a small Nebraska town before attending the University of Nebraska. And definitely not because the Huskers are her favorite football team, because duh.

Nope, what makes Erin so Nebraskan is the handful of Runza restaurants her family owns. Runzas are the ultimate Nebraska snack and if you haven’t had one, you should put it on your bucket list. While you’re at it, see if you can convince Erin to put on the Runza Rex costume. She rocks that thing.

“I’m from the great town of Hooper, Neb., where I attended Logan View High School. I am the oldest (and smartest) of five kids. I have four brothers: Robbie, Ryan, and Clayton all attend college at UNL, and Nathan is a 7th grader at Logan View. My parents, Jeff and Jo, take the cake for best parents out there, putting up with five ornery kids and attending every event we’ve been a part of growing up.

“As you can imagine, growing up with all boys was sometimes tough. I played a lot of football, shot even more hoops, and watched SportsCenter every morning. I played sports all through school and decided to become a Husker at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where I majored in business education and coaching. After a semester of student teaching and coaching at Wahoo High School, I joined the Hudl crew in May 2013 – two weeks after graduating from UNL. I’m now a member of the Coach Relations team, working with coaches everyday to solve their issues and teach them our product.”

If you could star in the remake of any movie, what movie would you choose?
I’ve narrowed it down to three, but can’t pick a winner. Monica Wright from Love & Basketball, Sandy from Grease, or Kathleen Kelly from You’ve Got Mail. Wendy Peffercorn from The Sandlot is also a top contender.

What’s your favorite word? What about your least favorite word? Put them both in a sentence, please!
“Chocolate” would be my favorite and “no” would be my least favorite. No, you cannot have a bite of my chocolate chip cookie, I’m not good at sharing.

If you could have any accent, which would you choose?
Southern. Then I could say “y’all” at least four times in every sentence.

Do you have any survival tips for those who don’t like cold weather?
Buy a heating blanket or move to Arizona. The heating blanket is definitely going to save you some ca$h, but Arizona is a great place to warm up. I’d also recommend keeping your head, wrists, and ankles covered as you can lose 40–45% of your body heat through those areas. Just a little something I learned from Bear Grylls.

Do you have any nicknames? Make up a new one.
Wackamole and Wack Attack are heard around the office most often. If I had to pick a nickname for myself, I’d choose Air Wack, because Michael Jordan and I have similar abilities, especially when shooting Nerf basketballs into Support Pit trash cans. Air Wack has the touch that cannot be matched by other Hudlies. Ask anyone.

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