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Hudl for Officials

Listen, we know coaches and players love watching film and preparing for next week the second the clock hits zero, but there’s another group that also loves to check out their performance. We’re talking about you, officials. We haven’t forgotten about you and we know the best way for you to take advantage of Hudl, and keep you and the crew on top of your game.

Kirk Russell is the President Elect of Colorado Football Officials, a group in the middle of its third year with Hudl. Compared to how crews used to review their performances, Kirk says Hudl is a huge step up:

“I absolutely think this is one of the most valuable tools that we have in Denver. You don’t have to travel anywhere, you get what you need at your computer screen and can move forward. It is off-the-charts efficient for what we do to get better.

“If you wait until the end of the season to review game film or, like the old way when the home team gave you a DVD and it just stuck around in the crew chiefs bag, it never got to everyone else. The efficiency of being able to watch it right after the game is huge – guys will take a look at themselves when the game is still fresh in their minds.

“With DVDs, you’d watch it and have to write a note to look at some play and pass it along. The efficiency of Hudl allows us to avoid that long process. Now, a crew chief shares across different crews and asks what they think about certain plays. We want to get an outside opinion on how to get better. We’ll note on each play what should have been done. I’ll create telestrations at the start of each clip, so people know what to look for.

“In Denver, what happens is the teams film it from the press box and we ask for an exchange from the home team, getting as many angles as we can. We get a copy and look through it and find critical issues. We find the mechanics of particular situations and what we called a catch or a fumble, things like that. We make playlists from that, and look at other things like intentional grounding or roughing the punter. Then we bring it all together and use it as training for our younger officials.”

When you can see how your crew performs in every game, you find new ways to improve as a team on a weekly basis. The process of exchanging film has never been easier, and the simplicity of sharing film with your crew is stress-free. If you’re a crew chief wondering how Hudl can help you and your fellow officials, feel free to check out the tutorial and tips on creating your crew’s account:

  1. Create a group for each individual crew.
    You can do this by going to your account and choosing Manage > Groups. From there, you can add a different group name for each crew in your conference, and place the correct officials in that group. This way, the crew leader can send out film to just that group and not every other official in your conference.
  2. Make each crew leader a Team Administrator on the account.
    When each crew leader has control of the exchange and distribution of film, they can ensure they’re receiving the right film and sharing it with the rest of their crew.
  3. Create each week as a game in your schedule.
    Instead of labeling each game as its own event, simply name each game Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, etc. As you receive exchanged film from the coaches you officiate, label each game as the teams that played. For example, you would save “North Central HS vs. Western State” under Game Film in Week 2, and only share it with the crew that worked that contest.
  4. Break down the film yourself and get notes from the coaches you work with.
    When you request film from the coaching staff you officiated, ask them to create a special column titled “Notes” with their thoughts on specific calls. When they share this with you, they can send the information from this column with the film, so you can see what they thought needed another look. You can also break down the film yourself and add telestrations to send to your crew to improve the team’s performance.
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