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Disabling and Deleting

This time of year, every year, we get a handful of calls from coaches concerned about keeping game film safe during the offseason. With each person’s login providing so much access to your team’s library, those concerns are perfectly understandable – especially as players’ careers come to an end and their Hudl responsibilities change.

Some coaches make sure to remove players from the roster within days of the season ending. Others haven’t cleaned up their account for three or four years. There is no right or wrong way to manage your team’s roster, but there are important things to keep in mind when it comes time to disable or delete a player.

  • Disable
    Disabling a player will not remove them from your team’s account or the Hudl system; it only prevents them from seeing the library - including video they previously had access to. This also means they cannot tag new highlights. What they can do is access their own highlight page and edit existing reels.

    If you want to remove seniors’ access to the library right away, but worry about their status in terms of being recruited, just disable them. Especially if they’re talking to Div. II and Div. III schools, as those coaches are just now reaching out to athletes.

    We strongly encourage that you stick with the disabling option for any player who leaves the team in good standing. It allows them to revisit their athlete profile and order copies of their highlights later on. Also keep in mind that all disabled players can be re-enabled at any time.

  • Delete
    Deleting a player is 100% permanent. It totally removes them from your roster and the Hudl system. Deleting a player also deletes all of the highlights associated with their account. This cannot be undone, which is why we suggest you choose to disable former athletes - even if they’re not being recruited.

    When it comes to removing coaches, you only have the option to delete. While deleting an athlete also deletes any highlights that athlete created, a deleted coach’s notes and highlights will still exist. A team administrator can go in and delete those notes later, if they’d like.

We want you to feel good about keeping your team’s video in Hudl, whether it’s the middle of the season or the middle of May. Just make sure every coach and player has their own login credentials (shared credentials can cause major headaches), and any former players are disabled or deleted.

If you have any questions about managing your roster, feel free to email or tweet our support team.

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