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Coach Swap Double Dip

Alt textEarlier this month, our coach swap adventures came to an end in the nation’s capital where Kyle, Erik, Jason M. and I witnessed the long-standing rivalry between Oakton High School and Westfield High School. We scheduled our visit around a rematch of last year’s Regional Championship, which Oakton won 24-16. Oakton, located in Vienna, Va., came into this year’s match-up 4-4 on the year.

The Westfield Bulldogs from Chantilly, Va. were in a little bit better shape in their playoff hunt with a 6-2 record.

Our trip was a little different from the other coach swaps this season – we split up on game day, with two Hudlies sticking with Oakton and two hanging around Westfield. It allowed us to compare the differences in how each coaching staff uses Hudl.

A typical game day for Oakton includes player meetings around 5 p.m. and a quick walkthrough before game time. They film one angle and use the Hudl app to live tag the game from the sideline. On Saturday morning, Oakton players head back to school for a little yoga before their offense and defense meetings. In the meetings, coaches play Friday’s film through the Hudl iPad app connected to a projector. This allows them to use the app’s laser pointer to bring attention to different talking points during review. After players leave, the coaches begin breaking down next week’s opponent.

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Westfield records a wide, tight and end zone angle, They also have a fourth camera dedicated to live capturing defensive drives for sideline review during the game. They live tag and merge the data with all angles before heading home Friday night. On Saturday, most of the coaches review the game on their own, Then they meet on Sunday as offensive and defensive staffs to begin planning for the next week. The defensive staff went in-depth with a variety of custom reports on their upcoming opponent. It was awesome to see the amount of data they looked at and broke down.

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Each team used Hudl in their own unique way, and both of those ways worked for them, but the extents to which they used it couldn’t have been more different.

Westfield ended up with the win on Friday by a final score of 35-7. This was a great experience, not only because we got to compare uses of Hudl between the two schools, but also the day-to-day activities that we don’t typically see sitting in the Hudl offices – from team meetings to halftime pep talks.

A huge thank you to both schools for letting us invade your game days and weekends. Like the other coach swaps, we came away with awesome insights into the way our coaches use Hudl, and plan on using it to make the product even better next season.

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