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The Player Becomes the Coach Becomes the Hudl Guy

Alt textWe can’t tell if Kyle Bradburn enjoys football. Maybe you can help us out: He started playing right around the time he learned to walk. He played in high school and took some snaps at a couple of different colleges. When he was done playing, he had coaching stints at two high schools and one university. Now he’s in charge of selling Hudl Recruit to anyone and everyone.

When he’s not busy loving football, he’s giving everyone a hard time. Literally everyone. Nobody is safe from his jabs. But the best part about Bradburn is that he can take anything he dishes out, and then some.

“I grew up in Jacksonville, Fla. where I lived with both my parents and one brother, Conrad. I started playing football when I was five, and continued playing when I attended Bishop Kenny High School. Between the season and training, the sport took up all of my time. After high school, I played at Emory & Henry College for one year before transferring to Shorter University for a season, and eventually decided to finish my degree at Florida State. Altogether, I attended five different undergrad schools. Not sure whether or not I’m proud of that.

“Before attending FSU, I helped coach at Bishop Kenny. When I arrived in Tallahassee, I was lucky enough to get a job coaching at Florida State University High School. After graduating, I took a graduate assistantship with the football program at University of North Alabama. (I applied to 100+ positions before getting that job and still have all of the letters to prove it.) I stayed at North Alabama for a year before taking a coach support job with Hudl. After six months, I spent a year in sales, and started handling Hudl Recruit this past January. I’m very blessed to have this job as a former coach. I’ve gotten the opportunity to see facilities and behind the scenes operations that many people don’t get to experience.”

What’s the craziest sporting event you’ve ever witnessed live?
Florida State vs. Florida in 2003. Chris Rix threw a bomb to win it at UF. We paid $100 a piece for the tickets as high school seniors.

If you were locked in a room with one other Hudlie for 48 hours, who would you want it to be?
Can I bring film? If so, then I’d choose Greg Nelson. I need to convince him the spread isn’t the greatest offense ever.

Is it okay to lie if it spares someone’s feelings?
Brutal honesty is my policy. I’m sure I’d feel different if I was married, though.

What’s your least favorite word or saying?
I don’t know about a word or saying, but I hate when people whistle with a passion.

Who’s your celebrity crush? How would you impress her?
Allison Williams. I would impress her with my boyish charm. And when that fails, begging always works. (My man crush is Kliff Kingsbury, in case you were wondering.)

Books, movies, plays or concerts? What’s your favorite?
I’m a movie junkie. I need visual stimulation, so they definitely win. Favorite movie is tough, but my recent picks are Moneyball & The Great Gatsby.

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