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Support Loves Football Season

Alt textWith games in full force now, our support team has been working extra hard to make sure we’re getting questions answered and issues resolved. Sure, we haven’t seen our families in weeks, but neither have you, so it’s a team effort. Let’s have a quick run through some mind-bottling numbers from September.

Over the 30 days of September, we handled 13,442 phone calls, which is a slight increase from our numbers in August. That equates to almost 450 per day, which makes it our third busiest month ever in Hudl Support. Since August 1, we’ve taken 26,240 calls. From Jan. 1 to July 31, we took 26,984 calls. I think it’s safe to say that football is still our most popular sport.

Email numbers continue to soar. We received 15,319 of them in September alone, which is the most we’ve ever gotten in a single month and 2,000 more than August. That’s over 510 per day. I know I don’t need to tell you, but that’s a lot of emails. Like, a lot a lot. We’ve also taken 2,684 chats this past month. That’s about 400 more than August and equates to 90 or so per day. Adding up calls, emails, and chats, we averaged 1,050 interactions with coaches per day. That is just a ridiculous number, but as we continue to add users, it’s to be expected.

Despite the increase in calls, our average hold time actually dropped from 49 seconds to 48. With more than 26,000 calls over the past 60 days, we’re pretty excited that our average hold time is well below a minute.

We set up 1,890 remote sessions, which is 14% of our total calls.

Like everything else, the number of surveys increased during September. We received 2,192 responses to be exact. Of those 2,192:

  • 2,120 (96.7%) said their experience with support was awesome.
  • 2,181 (99.5%) said they’d hire the support rep they worked with if they ran a customer service team.

While those numbers are down slightly from August, we’re still pleased with how we’re doing compared to last year. Ideally, we’d be at 100% for both, but we know that not every interaction will be perfect. We try to do the best we can to provide world-class support to our coaches, so let us know what we can do to get better!

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