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Hudl Recruiting By The Numbers

About five years ago, the first Hudl recruiting package was sent from a high school coach to a college recruiter. We didn’t know it then, but that email changed college recruiting forever.

High school coaches no longer needed to spend countless hours burning DVDs and mailing them to colleges all over the country. College recruiters could see an athlete’s video in seconds rather than waiting weeks for film to arrive. The concept of receiving film through the Internet was new, but we hoped that simplicity and convenience would win out over “the way it has always been done.”

Fast-forward to today: College coaches tell us that over 95% of their high school and junior college film comes through Hudl. We already knew Hudl was a key piece of recruiting for teams, but we were blown away by this number. So we took some time to wrap our heads around how expansive Hudl’s recruiting presence is and pass along some tips on how to use it best.

First, let’s blow your mind with some stats:

  • Since September 1, more than 225,000 recruiting packages have been sent through Hudl. That means we’ve saved teams the hassle and cost of burning and shipping at least 225,000 recruiting DVDs in the last two months alone.
  • More than 25,000 different college coaches and recruiters have logged in to Hudl to watch recruiting film. By looking at the emails, we can tell that every football-playing college or university has used Hudl for recruiting.
  • 78 different college coaches have received over 1,000 recruiting packages on their own. That’s some serious film watching.

We could throw more crazy numbers at you, but you get the idea: everyone is using Hudl for recruiting. With that in mind, we’ve got some tips on how you can use Hudl most effectively for recruiting.

High school coaches:

  1. Not sure how to use Hudl’s recruiting packages? Just check out this tutorial.
  2. Make sure your athletes have updated profiles in Hudl. It only takes a few minutes, but it can be the difference between a college recruiter calling them now or putting them in the list of people to contact later. Your athletes can knock this out on their own, right from their profile page. We’ve got a step-by-step guide for them here.

    College coaches always tell us the more complete the profile is, the better. They will get the information either way, but the more they know about an athlete upfront, the faster they can move through the recruiting process.
  3. Be sure to list your school’s best recruiting contact under Manage Recruiting by clicking How should recruiters contact the school? on the right side of the page. Telling colleges who to call to schedule a visit, request your practice schedule, or extend an offer makes everyone’s lives easier.

College coaches:

  1. Have a plan for Hudl recruiting packages. Whether you are forwarding them to one email address, downloading the film for offline use, or keeping track of recruiting packages in your inbox, make sure everyone on your staff knows what to do any time someone gets an email from Hudl. There’s nothing worse than not being able to find film on that “perfect fit” because you can’t remember his name or find the recruiting package email.
  2. Take a look at Hudl Recruit. 125 colleges already use Hudl Recruit to make recruiting in Hudl even more efficient. Hudl Recruit can help you manage the recruiting process with online recruiting boards, allow you to find more athletes with our powerful search, and give you mobile access to your team’s entire recruiting library via iPad. (Call or email us to get your free trial of Hudl Recruit started.)
  3. Let high schools know where to send the film. High school coaches always ask if we have a list of college recruiting contacts. They want to send you film, but don’t always know where to send it. When you talk to a coach, make sure you tell them where they should send Hudl recruiting packages so it gets to the right coach, faster.

We love that Hudl is an integral part of the recruiting process, which is why we have an entire squad on our development team focused on improving our high school and college recruiting tools. They want to help make the recruiting process even easier and have some big enhancements planned, but can’t do it without your help.

Know how we can make Hudl’s recruiting tools better? Leave a comment or post something on our feedback site.

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