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A Tiny Update on Big Playbook Features

The more coaches use Playbook, the better we want it to be. Hundreds of teams have taken advantage of our beta testing opportunities and it’s fueling the fire behind updates to the feature. One of the biggest requests we’ve received in the last few months was printing. While having your playbook online is great, it doesn’t hurt to have those hardcopies on hand, just to reference.

We also realized some original features really limited how you customize your playbook. So we put our heads together and recently launched a couple of updates we think coaches will like.

Printing Installs

Installs are groups of plays that are related to one another in some sense – either by play type, opposing team, or some other piece of data – so it definitely makes sense to use them as the vehicle for printing.

We’re starting by allowing you to print an install with a title sheet and each play on its own page, accompanied by the rules for that play. You can choose to make everything portrait or landscape.

In the future, we want to include a table of contents concept (e.g., you might have a 16-play install and want to print eight plays per page, just to see the thumbnails of each play and no other information). We’re still playing around with the idea, so if you have any suggestions, feel free to let us know!

Video Selection

In the beginning, Hudl would automatically pull one clip from your library to match whatever play you just drew. Now, we pull every clip from the library, sorted by a combination of matching data, success based on GN/LS, and the result of the play – because nobody wants to select an INT for one of their pass plays.

From there, you can select up to three clips to associate with that play. If you want a clip to appear in the list, is must be broken down in the library. Be sure to fill out the right data before going into your playbook and selecting video.

Obviously, Playbook is still very new and we’re still working on a number of other updates. Keep an eye out for tracking athlete usage, and never hesitate to give us feedback.

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