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Get a Feel for Playbook

We’ve made Hudl Playbook available to more than 800 teams through the beta program and couldn’t be more excited. While we hope our coaches are just as thrilled to get started, we want to make sure they’re getting the most out of the new feature.

We talked to some of the guys behind Playbook, as well as one of the first coaches to work with it, to provide a little insight on how to change up the Playbook routine to fit your team’s specific needs.

Kurt Earl is the offensive coordinator at Lincoln Christian High School in Nebraska, and was one of the first coaches to use Hudl Playbook earlier this year:

  • “I’ve used Playbook the way it was meant to be used – meaning I have drawn up our plays against multiple defensive fronts and inserted associated clips. The only caveat is that I don’t insert traditional clips. What I do instead is insert video of me teaching the play on a white board. I did this because it allowed me to provide a perfect explanation of the play rather than an imperfect, somewhat relevant example. We share new concepts over the weekend with the expectation that our players thoroughly review and prepare to skip install, and jump right into 11-on-11. We’ve experienced varying success and occasionally need to spend some time installing the play on the field.”

  • “I’ve also used Playbook to create scouting reports by drawing up the opposing defense against our main offensive sets, inserting clips of the opponent, either from last season or this season. It allows the players to come to practice with a new awareness of the opponent that we couldn’t generate in previous seasons. They’re essentially ready to run plays they’ve never had to run before. It’s been very helpful.”

While our developers are big fans of Coach Earl’s methods, they wanted to be sure to mention a couple other ways to get the most out of Playbook:

  • First comes selective sharing. If you have a player who just isn’t getting it in practice, you can create an install just for him and share it with only him. Eventually, you’ll be able to see if he took the time to study the install, but we’ll save that discussion for another time.

  • You can also implement coach collaboration. One person can draw the play and add rules for their specific position. Later, another coach can come along and hammer out rules for their players on the same card, so everyone knows each other’s responsibilities. Everybody’s literally on the same page.

Playbook is still only available to beta testers, but there’s still time to get on that list! Consider this the last call for our #TopPlay promotion. Create a Top Play for every game this season and tweet @Hudl with the link to your team’s highlights page and #TopPlay. Once we see the tweet and check all of those Top Plays, we’ll turn on Playbook!

As always, if you’re already using Playbook, don’t hesitate to give us feedback. It’s our go-to when it comes to improving every feature within Hudl.

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