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Beard Envy and Duck Hunting, Dustin is Manly

Alt textWhile Dustin McKenna is definitely one of the nicest guys in the Hudl office, he also has a knack for keeping everyone in line. That’s not to say he’s bossy by any means, but just knowing you’re in a shared space with an Army platoon leader is enough to make anyone behave.

The intimidation ends there, though. Unless you’re a duck, Dustin is totally harmless.

“Born and raised in Papillion, Neb., I played baseball all through high school and continue my playing days now with @getwet3, officially sponsored by C. Berry’s. I attended the University of Nebraska, worked with the Nebraska gymnastics program for two years, and graduated in December 2011. I was a part of Army ROTC and am now a platoon leader in a cavalry troop. I also love the outdoors, especially duck hunting. I started with Hudl in January 2012, and have been helping coaches dominate ever since.”

What was your favorite grade in school?
Kindergarten. I enjoy taking naps and eating snacks all day. Hudl should start a nap program.

Give me your outlook on life in seven words.
Quack ‘em, whack ‘em, stack ‘em, Jack.

What’s the scariest thing to ever happen to you?
Jumping out of a plane in full combat load and having another person’s parachute open in my face, causing me to almost get tangled 1,200 feet in the air.

Describe how a fellow Hudlie looks.
Tall, handsome, brown hair, long gangly arms, trucker hat, killer beard after 40 days, swag walk, comes to work dressed like a homeless person.

What’s your favorite part of being in the Army?
The brotherhood, the bond you have with the guys around you is something you won’t find anywhere else.

If you could only eat one thing every day from now on, what would it be?
Chicken fingers. There are so many sauce combinations, they get never get old.

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