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Hudling Up in Europe

Alt textA little over a week ago, we wrapped up our first-ever international tour: a ten-day journey through five cities spanning over four countries. We met with over 100 coaches, so it took a while to get our bearings after arriving back in the States.

We were surprised at how similar the European coaches’ comments, questions and feature requests were to the ones we get in the U.S.

Coaches in Europe, much like coaches in the U.S, would really love to see the following features:

  • Create text notes and telestrations on iPad
  • Tag a game in the Android App
  • Cut out the dead time once video is online

And they loved getting information on a number of existing features:

We kicked things off with a stop in Berlin, where we were met around 30 coaches for the opening event. One common request we heard was for some European conversion in different parts of Hudl. Specific ideas included adding the metric system for height and weight, and providing tutorials and training content in other languages.

We ended the day by attending the German Bowl XXXV where we watched the New Yorker Lions defeat the Dresden Monarchs by one point. Other highlights of Berlin included visiting the Berlin Wall and Checkpoint Charlie, and taking a tethered hot air balloon ride.

We continued our trek to the four remaining stops: Cologne, Vienna, and Copenhagen, finally ending the tour in London. Our last stop gave us the chance to hear from soccer and basketball coaches whose needs ended up not being much different than those of our football teams. But that’s not to say we won’t work on tailoring Hudl to better suit those sports.

Overall, we came away with a lot of great ideas from the coaches who were able to attend, and really enjoyed receiving all of the feedback and positive comments. (The sightseeing wasn’t too bad, either!) Thanks again to all of the coaches who came out for the 2013 International Hudl Up Tour! It was great getting the chance to meet and learn from you. We hope we were able to answer your questions and keep you excited about Hudl.

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