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Hudl and Cedar Park High School

Alt textBack in May, when we called for any and all coaches willing to swap lives, our main goal was to find a handful of teams willing to host a group of Hudlies for an entire game weekend.

We wanted to learn how Hudl helps coaches succeed and how we can improve. After all, some of our favorite things are listening to what coaches want and continuing to get better.

Over the course of several weeks, we’ll visit multiple high schools to get a feel for their weekend workflows. Our first stop was Cedar Park High School in Texas, home of last year’s 4A State Champions, and we came away with a whole new perspective on what does and doesn’t work for staffs.

What We Learned:

  1. The small things matter.
    When you consistently do a small action in Hudl over and over, it’s going to add up time-wise. For example, the Change Columns button on the Library page always seemed to get in the way and redirecting the mouse to make it disappear takes valuable time out of study.

    We also realized that there’s no way to create notes that don’t save - like drawing on a white board. For every two notes a coach would create during film study, one would exist for maybe 30 seconds before being deleted. Now our guys are hard at work to give you the option of saving notes, or deleting and moving on without a second thought.

  2. Our coaches work hard.
    We’ll never underestimate the amount of hours coaches put into weekly prep. And we love that Hudl cuts down on those hours so you can spend more time with your family.

  3. There is always room to improve.
    As we continue to improve Hudl, we want to find more ways to inform you of each new feature and how it can make your experience even better. During our visit, we realized that even the most experienced football programs don’t take full advantage of our coolest stuff.

We want to continue to find ways to educate you about the new tools (Practice Scripts and Tag a Game) that will save you time so you can get the most out of Hudl.

We look forward to taking action on everything we learned. We’re excited to visit other schools around the country in the coming weeks and always appreciate hearing your feedback.

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