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Announcing New Hudl Up Tours

Alt textThe beginning of football season creates a lot of craziness and chaos in the Hudl office. We decided to keep the streak going with the announcement of two new Hudl Up Tours coming this fall! Each stop is scheduled to last two hours with three different sessions planned. Oh, and it’s totally free. Here’s what’s happening:

In mid-October, Hudl will host its first-ever international tour with five stops spanning four countries. The European Hudl Up Tour will focus entirely on American football, with the opening stop in Berlin being held in conjunction with the 2013 German Bowl. This will give coaches the chance to:

  • Learn about the ideal Hudl workflow and how to use our new play-drawing tools
  • Help athletes improve through film study
  • Become a Hudl pro by discovering more advanced features
  • Ask questions of Hudlies

Following our international domination, it’s time for some roundball ruckus with a six-stop basketball Hudl Up Tour in late October and early November. This will give us an opportunity to show off the beta version of the new Hudl for Basketball, and prep you on how current Hudl for Basketball can help you dominate this season. Basketball coaches in attendance can:

  • Refine your game day routine with the most efficient practices from start to finish
  • Learn how to showcase your athletes with Hudl’s highlight and recruiting tools
  • Hear new tips and tricks to take your Hudl expertise to the next level
  • Ask questions of Hudlies, including developers working on the new Hudl for Basketball

If you’re in the area, we hope to see you and your staff at one of our new stops over the next two months. If we aren’t hitting your city, don’t worry, we still have plans for our full-fledged Hudl Up Tour in the spring.

You can check out our full list of stops below and register for free.

Hudl Up Tour | Europe

Hudl Up Tour | Basketball

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