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Freaky Fast Things

Alt textKelli Thoms is Adrian Peterson. Hear us out: She grew up a big Vikings fan, so naturally she loves AP. Like Adrian, Kelli goes “all day” helping coaches with their Hudl issues. Like Adrian, she’s not concerned with breaking or setting records, as long as the team comes away with the W.

Unlike Adrian, Kelli hasn’t had to bounce back from any season-ending injuries, but she does get pelted by Nerf bullets on a daily basis. But she never lets it affect her game. She might actually thrive off of it. We think AP would do the same.

“I was born in Minnesota before my parents, Mike and Sue, moved us away from the land of 10,000 lakes to Lincoln, Neb. I have three rad brothers, Jon, Dan and Kyle, and a sister-in-law, Audrey. I went to Lincoln Lutheran High School where I participated in volleyball and track. Fun fact: My mom coached me in both. I attended Concordia University in Seward for two years where I met my husband, Austin. Shout out to my awesome in-laws, Tim and Judy, and my brother-in-law, Kyle. I then transferred to Indiana Wesleyan where I continued to play volleyball and majored in graphic design.

“After Austin and I tied the knot, we moved to Hawaii where Austin earned his master’s and coached basketball (and worked at P.F. Chang’s – the things you gotta do to live in Paradise). I worked at his rival school, Chaminade University and had a brief stint (five seconds of fame) on Hawaii Five-O. We moved back to Nebraska a little over a year ago, and now have the cutest beagle brother puppies, Koa (Hawaiian for brave and fearless) and Kiko (Hawaiian for spot).

“I started working at Hudl in April 2013, working in Coach Relations and handling support and billing questions and coordinating our awesome non-support support crew. I’m also an assistant volleyball coach at Lincoln Lutheran, so it’s fun for me to relate with the coaches who call our support line.”

What ice cream topping best reflects your personality?
I’d like to think sprinkles best reflect my personality, since they’re bright and fun, but I don’t really like sprinkles. So I took a quiz online and it said chocolate syrup, but that’s boring. So instead I will go with M&Ms.

Who’s your best friend? What makes them your best friend? Are you their best friend?
Aside from my husband, my bestie is Steph Wilcox. We grew up taking baths in a sink together, that automatically qualifies us as BFFs right? I left her for Hawaii and now she left me for Spain. I can’t wait for the day she moves back.

What do you think jail is like?
I know exactly what jail is like, since I frequent it quite often. Don’t mess with this Monopoly fanatic.

If you could get away with an outrageous hairstyle or color for one day, what would you do?
I’d rock a purple and yellow ombre hair color in hopes that it would bring good luck to the Minnesota Vikings. At this point, anything would help them.

If you owned an island, what would it be called? Would it have any special laws?
My island would be called Jimmy John’s. We would have JJ’s delivered for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sorry in advance if this brings their freaky fast delivery time down.

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