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Jessica May As Well Be British

Alt textJessica Asbury never really “planned” on supporting coaches – the girl double-majored in British literature and advertising. And while we’re sure plenty of coaches appreciate a quiet evening in with Shakespeare, Jessica isn’t exactly integral to that experience.

She is, however, pretty necessary whenever a computer isn’t cooperating or game film isn’t where it should be. In the 16 months since she joined Hudl, she’s become a Coach Relations guru who doesn’t shy away from crazy Hudl issues. But remember: This wasn’t part of the plan.

“Where I grew up is a complicated question – my dad was active duty Air Force until I was 20, so I moved every three years growing up. I’m from Japan, Hawaii, Georgia, Ohio, New Mexico, South Carolina and Virginia. For simplicity’s sake, I go with Virginia, since it’s where my parents have lived for about ten years now, and it’s where my Dad’s family is from. I still get plenty of strange looks when I explain I moved from Virginia to Nebraska and didn’t have any family here. (Don’t worry, I get the same reaction in Virginia, with the added bonus of asking if I live in a corn field. I do not. The closest one is a half-mile away.)

“I came out to Nebraska to go to college – I was getting a little itchy to move again after a whole three years in Virginia, and was drawn by Nebraska’s obsession with football and how darn nice people were. My parents were a little shocked, considering in 5th grade when faced with moving to either South Carolina or Nebraska, I didn’t respond well to the Midwest option. I’ve come around. After getting a job with Hudl and getting engaged to a Nebraskan, I don’t really have plans to move any time soon – no matter how tempting London will always be. Not counting a year at Oxford, I’ve lived in Nebraska about six years, which is literally double the amount of time I’ve ever lived anywhere else, and I’m strangely okay with that.

“I have a cat named Cecily who plays fetch better than any dog I’ve ever had. I love trying new food, and my excitement over tapas restaurants has elicited a lot of confusion. (Say it out loud.)”

If you had a 25-hour day and everyone else still had 24, what would you do with your extra hour?
Probably something mischievous on a grand scale that would cause a lot of confusion, like painting an elaborate mural on the side of a building. I would love to watch everyone be completely befuddled as to how they cannot catch something that’s obviously taking a consistent amount of time and effort. That, or practice some skill like salsa dancing and act like it’s no big deal when I ace it on the first try.

If you could invite three people to a party, who would you choose?
Can they be fictional? If so, Jay Gatsby would be one – to pay for and plan the shindig. The other two would be Anne Boleyn and Jane Austen, because I think they would be witty and interesting. It’d probably be something large and elaborate, since Gatsby is bankrolling it.

What are you most looking forward to in the next month or two?
Probably wedding dress shopping. I really love formal dresses, despite the fact that I refer to Hudl shirts as my life uniform. Working coach relations in Lincoln, Neb., I don’t have too many occasions that warrant wearing a formal dress, so I’m pretty stoked I get the chance to pick out and wear something pretty.

Name three songs from the soundtrack of your life.
Oxford Comma by Vampire Weekend, London by She & Him, and I think Spice Up Your Life covers 1997-present. (Fun fact, I totally guessed on the 1997 thing based on where I was living when it came out. Turns out, moving every three years makes you really good at remembering when cheesy 90s pop music came out.)

What’s your favorite part of visiting where you grew up?
The beach, for sure. I think I might prefer Virginia’s potential sharknados to Nebraska’s tornados. I love Nebraska – it’s actually the longest I’ve lived in one place. But man, I hate being landlocked and I don’t think I’ll ever get used to non-southern winters. If I had three wishes, one of them would be to swap Nebraska over to the coast.

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