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Ping Pong, Soda Pop and Trix

Alt textJared Stauffer is a fun guy. Anytime you see him, you can just tell he’s having the time of his life. Catching him without a smile is like finding that pot of gold at the end of a rainbow – not likely. But can you blame him? His duty as Facilities Manager is to make sure everyone else is happy, and that’s kind of hard to do if you’re not a happy person.

And when he’s not installing soda machines in the Hudl kitchen or naming our meeting rooms “Bo Jackson” and “The Babe”, he’s playing ping pong. The man’s got it made.

“I was born and raised right here in Lincoln, Neb. Grew up in a family of five, but we’ve grown to eight with the additions of my wife, sister-in-law and nephew. I went to Lincoln Christian K-12. I was known as a “lifer” along with a couple of other classmates. I played every sport that I could, and continue to do so through city rec and church leagues. Other than sports, one of my favorite past times growing up was playing with Legos. I’m very excited for the day I have my own child and finally have an excuse to play with Legos all over again.

“I graduated from the University of Nebraska with a business administration degree. I started at Hudl in June 2012, working in support. I took on a new role here in May as the Office Manager, which has now evolved into Facilities Manager. Between our two office spaces, I get to ask our employees what they want in a work place and make those dreams come true (at least the reasonable ones). I just try to make sure Hudl remains an awesome place to work. It’s very important for our company to keep Hudlies happy, and I love being a part of that.”

Who’s your favorite cereal box character?
I would have to go with the Trix rabbit. All he wants is some Trix, but those mean kids won’t let him have any. I say the rabbit needs a win, so he’ll get one in my book.

What’s the best thing that’s happened to you this month?
There are always too many to count, but one of the best things - which happens every year around this time - is football season. There is nothing like a Husker Saturday, getting together with friends and family and cheering on your team. #GBR

Give me three adjectives to describe your favorite color.
My favorite color is whatever my wife says I look good in. Other than that, I have no opinion on the matter.

If you could be any superhero for a day, who would you be?
If it was only for a day, probably Superman. Who wouldn’t want to fly around and visit the world in a day, go into space and do pretty much whatever you wanted? But if the question was which superhero would I want to be permanently, it would have to be Batman.

Were you a member of any clubs in high school or college?
Select choir. On Valentine’s Day, people could order singing valentines and the guys would go serenade women all over the city. It was pretty fun. We also won multiple competitions. One of the most fun was Music Fest at Disney World with schools from all over the country. We ended up winning the whole thing. Then I hit puberty and my singing voice wasn’t so great anymore.

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