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Big Changes to Hudl's Core Features

Alt textWe recently came to the realization that Hudl’s core features need a little updating. When building these features out, we didn’t just look to slap a new coat of paint on them – we really wanted to spend time investigating how coaches have used our tools over the past few years. We tried to identify and remove roadblocks our coaches run into, and find ways to make the use of each core tool silky smooth.

Video Playback

Problem: Silverlight isn’t awesome, but the core Hudl experience doesn’t work without it!

Unfortunately, we can’t get rid of Silverlight altogether because there isn’t an alternative technology that handles everything Hudl does (e.g., notes and annotations). But this newfangled technology called HTML5 does allow basic playback without Silverlight. What this means for our coaches is video on Hudl will just work again, no plug-ins needed. This is huge for Chromebook and Mac users.

We started by focusing on the basics of loading and buffering video, as well as controlling playback, and added keyboard shortcuts and actual playback settings based on coach feedback. We hope to get Hudl Remotes and notes working in time for the 2014 season, with a goal of being completely rid of Silverlight by fall 2015.

We turned on the HTML5 player for all teams on Monday, but if you have a Chromebook or Mac that still struggles to play Hudl video, shoot support@hudl.com an email and we’ll get you squared away.

Mobile exchanges

Problem: Coaches want to act on exchanges as soon as they get them, which usually means they’re not next to a computer, but definitely have their phone.

We rebuilt the exchange feature from the ground up in order to make it more mobile friendly. You’ll basically be able to do everything you could do on a desktop on your phone. All of this creates a brand new interface that’s easier to use on both desktop and mobile.

Bonus! If you’re sick of searching for teams to exchange with, we now suggest teams based on your schedule and prior exchanges. We’ll release the beta soon. It will appear on phones before we replace the full view on desktops.

Mobile roster

Problem 1: There were three places to manage your team coaches, athletes, and groups.
Problem 2: There’s no way to see what specific playlists your players are watching.

Now you can edit your coaches, athletes and groups all in one place. It won’t be “the roster to end all rosters”, but we designed it to provide the best possible team management system specific to Hudl and the concept of sharing video with your team. The new design is similar to exchanges in that you’ll be able to do everything on your phone.

  • Quickly add players and coaches to a group right in the roster page.
  • Filter and search athletes by criteria such as position, class, name and video activity.
  • Edit multiple athletes en masse (e.g., add 10 players to another team or disable 20 athletes at once with just a few clicks).
  • Brand new video activity info – See what your players watched, along with when they watched it.

This beta will also be available soon. Like exchanges, the mobile version will come out before desktop.

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