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Getting Our Middle School on Hudl

Alt textSeveral factors play a role in choosing which incoming freshmen earn a spot on the high school football team. Strength and conditioning aside, many middle school and junior high coaches have found another way to prepare their players for the next level: They teach their kids with Hudl.

Kevin Kelln is a coach at Schimelpfenig Middle School, a feeder program for Plano High School in Plano, Texas. Steve Shannon is an assistant coach for the varsity football team at Wahoo High School in Wahoo, Neb. They both took the time to fill us in on why they pushed to get Hudl for their middle school programs.

Coach Kelln: “We’ve always filmed our games and then had to transfer to VHS. This [Hudl] is much better as all the coaches can view without having to make duplicate tapes or trade out with each other. We also film all practices for both levels - 7th and 8th grade.”

Coach Shannon: “I added our middle school to Hudl because it is a great teaching tool for our younger athletes. We can show them what they are doing well and what areas they need to continue working on.”

What do you consider to be the biggest benefit of using Hudl at this level?

Coach Kelln: It’s important in middle school as you are limited in the number of coaches you have and can’t see all the moving parts [of a game] unless you watch the video. It certainly will help our players when they move up as they will already know how to use Hudl.”

Coach Shannon: “One of the main benefits that we see each year with middle school athletes already on Hudl is that they come into high school with a better understanding of our programs and expectations. They have a mental edge on athletes from other schools who choose not to take advantage of this teaching tool.”

How does Hudl fit into your players’ routine?

Coach Kelln: “Our players all have Hudl accounts and are encouraged to view the game; we even let them know about our ability to see exactly how much time they spend viewing the video. We also have daily film sessions with our players. We ask that they view the film critiquing their performance to see what they did wrong and working on correcting it. “

As a high school coach, how do you work with middle school teams on Hudl?

Coach Shannon: “The high school coaches have access to all of the middle school video in Hudl, and use it to try to help those coaches with schemes, etc. Also, to look at players that are coming up and determine what positions they would best fit at the next level.”

This season, we have two new packages for Middle School teams – Basic for $99/year per team and Elite for $299/year. For more information about how Hudl can benefit your program this season, check out jrhigh.hudl.com, or get started with 10-day free trial today.

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