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Making Playbook Even Better

It’s been a few weeks since we released our Playbook beta, and the feedback has been coming in hot. We love it. It helps us improve new features so they do exactly what you need them to do. And based on what we’ve heard from the first hundred testers, Playbook could be better. So we’ve already made a handful of updates to accommodate those requests.

Position Assignments

  • We now remember what positions go with what formations. If you enter player positions in the assignments table, they will copy over the next time you create a card for that formation.
  • We bubble up the most relevant assignments for your players. If your player is a QB, we will move that assignment to the top of the list and bold it for him when he reviews an install.
  • Coming Soon: We will automatically add positions to the assignment table based off player labels in the diagram. If you label your receivers X and Z, you can expect to see entries in the assignments table with those same names.


  • We’ve made a lot of enhancements in how we pull the video from your library. We search through games from past seasons if necessary and are smarter about which clips to auto-select for you. (No more clips of a QB scramble on a pass play.)
  • There’s bigger video viewing for your athletes. Video is the best teaching tool and we want them to be able to see the video and diagram at the same time.
  • Coming Soon: We will let coaches select multiple clips for their example videos. We’re revamping the video selection process and want to make sure coaches are selecting just the right clips to use as examples.

Play Organization

  • You can now group plays on the All Plays page by formation or play.


  • Want to help that freshman WR improve a little faster? Create and share an install with specific athletes. You can now share with entire groups or individuals.
  • We’ve also tapped into the same notification system Hudl uses for playlists and notes to make sure your athletes know about new Installs you have created.

Inline Drawing Help

  • Coming Soon: We think our drawing tool is top notch, but we want to make sure you get the most out of it. As you draw, we’ll provide tips and information to help you make better diagrams at a break-neck pace.

Have a look at the updates in action:

And hear from the developers about what went into creating Playbook:

If you want a peek at Playbook and get a head start on learning the ropes, sign up for one of our free online training sessions:
Monday, August 26 @ 9 a.m. CT
Monday, August 26 @ 4 p.m. CT

Swear you’re on the beta list but haven’t seen Playbook yet? We promise we didn’t forget you. We’re just doing everything in tiers to make sure we work out each kink accordingly. It will just be that much better once you get it turned on.

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