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Get Started with League Pool Exchanges

You have plenty of things to worry about during the season: injuries, starters, who is and isn’t watching Hudl every night. You don’t have time to worry about other stuff, like when and where you’ll meet every other coach to exchange film. That’s why league pools exist – to save your coaching staff time every week and allow you to worry about everything else.

Think of a league pool as a supermarket for game film. Instead of completing a film exchange with a different coach every week, a league pool can be your weekly one-stop shop for sending and receiving opponent scout footage.

A league exchange pool will definitely save your staff a lot of time and effort, but there are other reasons to consider getting started. If the majority of teams in your league or conference are already on Hudl, or your league mandates weekly exchanges, setting up a pool is worth looking into.

Here’s how it works:

Each week, coaches upload game film to Hudl. Then, they add the film to a video “pool” for the league. Once your team’s film is added, you get access to the entire league’s game footage; likewise, the rest of the league has access to your footage as soon as they add their own film.

Don’t worry – other teams can only access the film you choose to add to the league pool. You can then choose to add all, some, or none of the other league members’ film to your own library for future viewing.

At the end of each week, the video pool goes into lockdown. Teams must add new film the following week to regain access to the pool.

On a bye week? Not a problem. Select Haven’t played recently but still need access?. This feature tells the league that your team is on a bye but still wants access to film.

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A word of caution: Hudl does’t police activity within each league. Most leagues run just fine on the honor system. However, if a team is selecting “Off” each week, something might be up. Just work with your conference administrator to make sure everyone’s doing their share.

Interested in setting up a league pool for the upcoming season? Send our support team an email to get started. Make sure to include the following:

  • Name of the league

  • Your contact information

  • A list of teams within the conference

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