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Don't Trust Maggie With Your iPhone

Alt textIf you want a Hudl coming-of-age story, just look at Maggie Potthoff. She joined our intern team last fall, helping with all things marketing (including swag) and transitioned into Coach Relations just a few months ago. Consider this our “proud parent” moment. Our baby is all grown up, and who doesn’t love an opportunity to brag about their offspring?

At first glance, Maggie seems mild-mannered and sweet, but don’t be fooled. She’s a ball of sass who would karate chop unsuspecting strangers on national television if it meant winning Miss USA. And those are her words, not ours.

“I was born and raised in here in Lincoln and went to Southeast High School. I had a pretty typical childhood with my mom and dad, Cindy and Dave, three siblings – Tony, Jake and Anna – and my dogs. My wolf dog, Hannah, actually taught me how to walk when I was little, and now I have a 14-year-old Golden Retriever named Daisy.

“My parents made me try out for every sport (including dance) when I was growing up, but I ended up sticking with basketball and soccer through high school. After high school, I went to the University of Nebraska and double majored in business and marketing. My highlight was probably studying abroad at Oxford University, because I had the chance to visit Spain, France, and Italy during my time there.

“I started working at Hudl as a marketing intern in October and moved to Coach Support when I graduated in May. I’ve been busy answering phone calls and emails, and handling live chats. I do whatever I can to help coaches with any and every issue they might come across.”

What’s the most valuable thing you own? What about when you were 12?
The most valuable thing I own now is probably my car (which isn’t valuable all), but when I was 12 I thought my rock collection was pretty valuable.

Write a fortune cookie fortune for one of your coworkers.
You will be defeated in Ping Pong in the near future.

What’s your favorite piece of magic from Harry Potter?
I’m a huge Harry Potter fan. I would go with Reparo – used to repair broken or damaged objects. I’m good at breaking things. I’ve broken my iPhone screen a time or two, so this spell would definitely come in handy.

If you were in a pageant, what would your talent be?
Martial arts for sure.

Have you had your 15 minutes of fame?
In fifth grade, I was on the big screen at a Nebraska soccer game when I was shagging balls. The opponent called for the ball before turning to respond to a question. Unfortunately, I’d already released the ball from my grip and nailed her in the back of the head. It was all over the big screen and everyone started clapping. I was mortified.

Who’s the most famous person you’ve come face-to-face with?
I was a few inches away from LL Cool J’s face at the ACM Fan Jam with some other Hudlies when we were in Vega$ for a retreat.

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