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By the Beard of Andy

Alt textIf you take one look at Andy Dakin, you have to assume he means all kinds of serious business. Check out that beard. You can’t mess with a guy who grows that kind of facial hair. But, we have a confession: the beard is a scare tactic. You can’t find a nicer guy than Andy anywhere in the Hudl office.

We’re doing our best to thank Andy and the rest of the Fan team for the awesome new athlete profiles, but it sounds like the best way to show our gratitude is by building a Taco Bell in Hudl. We’ll start taking collections now.

“I was born in California and lived there until I was five. My parents decided to move us to the thriving metropolis of Clarinda, Iowa, a town of 5,000 – including the inmates at the medium security prison. I spent the next 12.5 years of my life causing trouble and enjoying small town life to its fullest.

“After high school, I left Clarinda to go to college in Lamoni, Iowa. At the end of that first year of college, I decided that I was ready for a taste of the big city, so I moved to Omaha where I finished my education. I graduated with a degree in studio arts with an emphasis in intermedia, which is just fancy way of saying “computer arts.” During college, I met my wife Megan and now we’re proud parents of a handsome chocolate lab named Duke.

“I’ve been working at Hudl for a little over two years, and I’m the product designer on the Fan team. You know us from such hits as Top Play, highlight trimming and the athlete profile redesign. If you like the redesign, I’m responsible for the style and direction. If you don’t, then that was everyone else on the team.”

If you were to get a tattoo, what would it be?
I don’t have any tattoos at the moment, but if I did get some, it would have to be something that I designed. I like the way full sleeves look. They make you look really tough and more tan than you actually are. Both of which I could use some help with. I’m pretty pale.

If you could sit down and have a conversation with any living person, who would it be?
Neil deGrasse Tyson. I love astronomy. The universe is amazing and we only understand about 4% of it, but I could talk to him for days about astrophysics.

On that note: Are aliens real?
I feel like this is a loaded question. Are you trying to make me sound crazy? While I don’t believe we’ve been visited by aliens, I do think that the universe is WAY too large to only have one planet with life on it. There are hundreds of billions of stars just within our galaxy and there are billions of galaxies in our universe. Based purely on the number of places that life could exist, I do believe that there is life outside of our planet.

If you could request a new feature for the Hudl work environment, what would it be?
If I could pick anything that I would want injected into the Hudl work environment, it would probably be a Taco Bell. The most exciting thing would be the new breakfast crunchwrap that they offer. That’s the best way to start your day. A mixture of greasy food sealed inside a crunchy flour tortilla. I have a feeling if we did that, we would also have to institute a company-wide siesta to counteract our morning fiesta.

What’s your ideal Saturday?
I have two types of Saturdays that would be equally enjoyable. We enjoy watching movies in the theatre, so it would probably include going and seeing a movie. I also really enjoying Airsoft. More specifically the MilSim side of it. So a morning/early afternoon of Airsoft games would also be included. The other type of ideal Saturday would have to be a full day at Disney World or Universal Orlando.

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