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Friday Nights Keep Getting Easier

Alt textBy now, you probably have a pretty solid Friday night workflow figured out. Just shoot the game with a couple of hard drive cameras so you can intercut wide and tight angles on Hudl.com. Upload each angle from a different computer using Hudl Mercury so everything is done in half the time. Then, just assign each coach a couple of data columns to fill in before heading home for the night.

When the same thing is being done at the same time on multiple computers, the same workload you’ve always had is done in a fraction of the time. Imagine how much earlier you’ll head home if the data is done when the final whistle blows. That’s where Tag a Game comes into play.

We introduced Tag a Game for iPhone and iPod last fall, and coaches couldn’t get enough. So, we made the same awesome feature available for iPad.

Now with the bigger screen, you can view real time stats and even export box scores to an email as soon as the game is over. Send everything to your local media or MaxPreps, and spend more time focusing on film breakdown.

If you use your iOS device to enter data while the game is being played, you’ll have down, distance, gain/loss, yard line, hash, play type, passer, rusher, receiver and tackler waiting to merge with video as soon as the game is over.

If you’re still not convinced, listen to some of the coaches who used Tag a Game last season:

Interested in getting a better look at the Ideal Friday Night Workflow, complete with Tag a Game? Sign up for one of our free online training sessions:
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