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Create a Magic Script Instead

Alt textIn the midst of all this Playbook talk, defensive coaches might be feeling a little left out. But that shouldn’t be the case, because you’ve had the joy of creating Practice Scripts for over a year now! We understand the appeal of shiny new toys, which is why we created the Magic Script.

With Magic Scripts, you can create a full practice script in 15 seconds. Really. It only takes a couple clicks of the mouse, as long as you have the following completed beforehand:

  • Game film in the opponent scout section of your Library
  • ODK data complete
  • Play information complete (Formation, Play Type, and Play columns)

Magic Scripts analyze and collect the most common opponent plays that you’ll want to practice against, and give you the ability to create situation-specific scripts (like 3rd down and red zone).

You can adjust the size of your script to fit the number of plays you want to run during a session. We’ll select the plays that were run most frequently by the team you’re scouting.

From there, you can preview video clips of the plays we selected and see data that shows why we selected the plays we did.

When you create a Magic Script, we try and match the formation, play and defense to any previously created cards and auto-create as many cards as we can. From there, you can always add a play we missed (trick play or something they might have only run once), finish drawing the cards, and print away.

Note: You must have Practice Scripts turned on to access Magic Scripts. You can opt in on the Manage Page.

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