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One Last Look at 2012

Well, well, well, so we meet again. It’s college football season, and while I can’t speak for everyone at Hudl, I know I’ve tried passing the time from last January any way I can. Now (finally), here we are. It’s August, a time for healing of the mind and soul as we sit on the couch all weekend watching football, football and more football.

And what better way to fully prepare for the upcoming season than by watching a Hudl-made top 10 moments of last season? So let’s check that out and get ready for Vandy and Ole Miss to sling it around tomorrow night.

10. Brendan Bigelow spins and does cool things en route to the end zone.
I don’t care what you say, this was easily one of the top plays of 2012. Cal’s Brendan Bigelow finds himself in a lot of trouble only to spin, spin again and then run really fast away from everyone who’s chasing him. Sadly, the run didn’t lift Cal to a win over THE Ohio State University, but it still finds a place on our list.

9. Manti Te’o and Notre Dame stuff Stanford on the goal line.
There were a lot of jokes to be made, and probably still should be about Manti Te’o and the “girlfriend” situation, but no one can deny that there’s little better than a goal line stand to win a ballgame. Unless of course, you’re a Stanford fan. In which case, I’m sorry for digging up old wounds. Really, I am.

8. Georgia almost pulls off the upset in SEC title game.
What a great game this was. Back and forth momentum swings, huge hits, big plays and one poorly-timed bad decision. As a Nebraska fan, this may have been for the best, because if Alabama loses this game and somehow ends up taking on Nebraska in the Gator Bowl, I’m afraid it goes something like this.

7. Missouri begins thinking maybe this SEC thing was a bad idea.
I’m not sure anyone thought this would go differently but yeah, the SEC can be a different type of football. Missouri found that out the hard way after Ace Sanders decided to do whatever he wanted on this punt return.

6. Jon Bostic does Jon Bostic things.
Florida may not have fared too well against a really good Louisville team in last year’s Sugar Bowl, but linebacker Jon Bostic didn’t care for Teddy Bridgewater rolling out of the pocket and told him so with this hit of the year. In hindsight, thankfully Bridgewater was alright and will be one of, if not the best, quarterbacks in all of college football. Meanwhile, Bostic brought his game to the NFL where he’s still trying to remove offensive skill players from their helmets.

5. Football is not volleyball and you shouldn’t treat it as such.
In my very limited football career, we practiced onside kicks once and our scout team was tasked with fielding the ball while two big guys were in charge of decimating whoever tried catching the thing. The ball was kicked, and the receiver jumped up and tried swatting the ball away in a moment of sheer panic, only to be taken out anyway. He ran for the rest of practice. I imagine Central Florida’s coaches weren’t too pleased with this beautiful spike attempt, either.

4. Kenny Bell makes a new rule for all of college football.
There weren’t a lot of positives to this game for Nebraska fans. In fact, there were next to zero. Still, I think we can accurately say this was the best block of the season and now Kenny Bell has both an amazing afro and his own rule added to the ever-growing NCAA rulebook. It’s the one that goes something like “Thou shall not hit a defenseless player”. But Nebraska still lost and gave up 70 points. We’ve seen the replay on the Big Ten Network a dozen times now, and it has been banned from all TVs in the Hudl offices.

3. He who shall not be named beats Alabama.
You had to know this was coming, but in an effort to stop saying or hearing his name every 10-20 seconds, I refuse to type it out.

2. Jadeveon Clowney captures a man’s soul.
Posted without comment.

1. Alabama takes home the national title.
The conclusion of every season is both much anticipated because of the national championship game, and despised because it means no more college football. While last year’s game may not have been the most exciting finish in recent memory, it certainly was an unbelievable display of talent and now we can argue about one dynasty versus another. I think you know where we side, but it’s hard to argue against Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide.

And be sure to check out the entire 2012 season in five minutes.

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