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Tag & Trim Highlights via Android

Alt textIf you’re an athlete with an Android device, you now have the ability to tag highlights right in the Hudl app. Sure, iOS athletes have been able to do that for a while now, but this time it’s different. This time, you can also trim the highlight right when you tag it.

If you know anything about Hudl’s mobile app, you know we tend to develop for iOS devices before Android. We don’t like having to choose, but we see more users on iOS devices. So this is extra special, because the trimming feature isn’t out for Apple just yet.

Why is trimming such a big deal?

Because nobody wants to sit there for thirty seconds, watching your huddle and waiting for the snap before they see any real action. Once it’s time to trim the clip, you’ll get two flags to mark the beginning and end of the good stuff, and we’ll let you know when you hit the magic length of 20 seconds or less. You can get the full rundown with the tutorial.

Alt text

Any trimming you do in the Library is reflected in both full-game highlights and Premium Highlight reels. (And you will have the ability to change any clip’s length when you add it to a Premium Highlight.)

Your phone has to be nearby, right? So update that Hudl app and get to tagging, trimming, and looking all-around awesome.

Note: The ability to tag and trim highlights mobiley is available to athletes in any sport. Coaches do not have this feature.

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