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Support's Heatin' Up

Alt textNow that June has come and gone, we’re officially getting ready to kick football mode into high gear. As more and more teams get ready for fall camp, our days become busier and busier.

But before we plunge headfirst into the abyss we like to call ‘August’, let’s recap the first half of the year. Spoiler alert: There’s been a lot of busy.

Through six months of 2013, we’ve taken 23,125 calls. Based on our projections, there’s a decent chance the total number of calls in August alone will top that. What’s really interesting is that number is about 200 fewer calls than we took over the first six months of 2012, despite our number of active coaches going up 48% in the last year. So, despite the fact that the number of users continues to grow, we’re actually taking less support calls than we were a year ago, which is amazing. Basically, you’re all turning into Hudl pros.

We’ve also plowed through 23,831 emails and 4,930 chats in 2013. We didn’t start chats until last spring, so we don’t have good numbers to compare that to. But GOO, we only answered 11,381 emails over the first six months of 2012. So THAT’S what all of you coaches like to do now, with your fancy email machines and such. For those scoring at home, it averages out to about 177 calls and 183 emails per business day.

Our support team has started 3,441 remote sessions through June. Since those can come from either a phone call or a chat, that equates to about 12% of all calls and chats going to a remote session. Remote sessions generally take more time than a standard phone call, so it will be interesting to track that through football season.

The average hold time for 2013 is 41 seconds. We’d love to keep it that low for the second half of the year, but that might be tough considering how crazy it’s going to be.

And last but not least – our survey results. We’ve received 4,299 responses this year (reflecting 18.6% of our calls) and the results have been well above our goals. Of those 4,299:

  • 4,138 (96.3%) have said their experience with our support team was awesome.
  • 4,274 (99.4%) have said they would hire the support rep they worked with if they had ran a support team.

The first half of 2013 has been good, but everyone knows the second half is where we earn our keep. We’re ready for the madness of football season to begin and pumped to help our coaches, athletes and parents as best as we can.

While we’re mentally preparing for that abyss we mentioned earlier, you can get your computer ready and hopefully avoid having to call us in the middle of a stressful upload. Just keep an eye on our blog next week for a preseason tune-up checklist!

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