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Playbook is Almost Ready

We know everyone is excited to get their hands on our new Playbook tool, so we’ve been working hard to reach the point where a few lucky coaches can start kicking the tires.

Early on, we decided to focus our efforts exclusively on the offensive side of the ball. We have plans for defensive and special teams coaches as well, but those won’t be available until after the season. (We also have some awesome new features being added to our practice script tools.)

Playbooks are Broken

For our first version of Hudl Playbook, we wanted to tackle the two biggest problems coaches have with their current playbooks:

  1. Building a playbook sucks.
    Drawing each play with all 22 players, blocks and routes is exhausting. Especially when you have to do it multiple times for the same play. Adding important instructions to diagrams often involves copying and pasting images into Word, PowerPoint or some other software.

  2. Sharing a playbook sucks.
    We heard horror stories about finding playbooks open and scattered on the locker room floor. Some players don’t even bother cracking it open and coaches end up wondering why they spent so much time making a three-ring paper weight.

Creating Plays Should be Easy

In order to quickly build out all the plays you need in a playbook, you need a tool that knows what you’re building. It needs to remember formations, schemes and what defenses you commonly see. It should be able to tie these seamlessly together without requiring you to start from scratch each time. Using some of the same technology we developed in Practice Scripts, we do everything we can to complete your diagram before you ever pick up our virtual marker.

Alt text

We pull formations and schemes from practice scripts as a starting point for your diagram. There may be some small tweaking needed to make it just right, but it should be minimal. From there, you can add notes to the diagram, giving each position its own instructions. As an added bonus, in the background, Hudl will search through your library of self-scout data for the perfect video example of whatever play you just created.

Share Your Playbook Any Way You Want

We believe the best way to share information (video, notes or playbooks) with your athletes is in specific, focused chunks. Just as an athlete is more likely to watch a 15-clip playlist rather than a full game, he’s more likely to check out a quick batch of diagrams over a 200-page binder.

To solve this problem, we implemented Installs – a way to share bite-sized groups of plays with any athlete. They allow you to focus the content toward a specific group of schemes or opponent’s game plan.

Alt text

These Installs will not only ensure you’re delivering the right content to the right players, but also allow you to track a player’s progress through the install. It’s like their Algebra class requiring them to do homework – you expect players to study the game plan for an upcoming opponent. They’ll be able to see their progress on a given install and gauge their level of preparedness from week to week.

Alt text

Our playbook tool is not a finished product yet, but by spending the time upfront to attack the two biggest problems we hear about, we’re trying to set the foundation for what will be a great way to educate and prepare your team.

Keep an eye out on Facebook and Twitter for information on how to get exclusive first access to this new tool.

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