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Momma Miranda's Lead Foot

Alt textMiranda Smith has seen it all. She joined Hudl a little over two years ago and has totally lost track of how many official titles she’s had since. You would think so many transitions would wear a person out, but she kind of already runs her own business on the side, so it’s really no big deal.

Oh, and she had a baby boy in January – acquiring yet another title as the First Hudlie to Become a Mommy In-Office. Almost sounds presidential.

She has a lot of fun facts to share about growing up, so we’ll let her take it from here.

“I was born and raised in Kansas City, Mo (the better side of KC). Yes, my address actually was Kansas City. When most people say KC, they follow it up with “Well… it’s a suburb of KC…” No. I lived very close to the airport and Zona Rosa.

“When I was young, I loved playing and watching pretty much all sports. I was a complete tomboy. In 6th grade, I was the girl playing basketball with all the dudes in the gym during the dance, and ended up getting a bloody lip from my now-husband. I also was (and still am) a daddy’s girl. My dad is a handy man. He builds and fixes up all sorts of things. I love being his little helper, which can probably attest to my love for doing anything crafty.

“My family is super close. I have two great examples in my parents. I also have a younger brother who decided to come up to UNL – it’s very fortunate now that we have Owen. It’s great having a go-to babysitter around. I think we’ve seen him more in the 6 months since Owen was born, than the combined three years of him being at UNL. Brock and I will be celebrating our two-year anniversary on July 29. This December will mark 12 years since we started dating. It’s great getting to share every experience since I was 12 with my best friend. My son, Owen, just turned six months on July 22. Like everyone says, “I can’t believe how fast the time has gone.” But really, he’s grown crazy fast! We have been spoiled with how awesome of a baby he is.

“Many ask why I decided to come to Nebraska. I started undergrad in architecture, enjoyed watching Big 12 sports, and wanted to have the bigger college feel. I loved Nebraska’s campus and it felt like home. As it turns out, the reasons I picked Nebraska didn’t hold by the time I graduated. I earned a marketing degree and my diploma says Big 10, but it worked out and I wouldn’t trade the experience. Once I graduated, I accepted a job with Hudl.

“In May of 2011, there were only about 30 Hudlies. In August, we’ll exceed 100. With the company growth, I have transitioned through several roles. I started in coach relations, answering coaches’ questions and fixing any issues they were having. Then I became an Account Manager, helping more on billing and making sure our coaches kept loving Hudl. Then I took on the added responsibility of coordinating all clinics and events that Hudlies attend. Not long after, I dropped the account management position, kept the event coordinator role, and added Marketing Designer to my list of titles. I worked on the creative for ads, campaigns, emails, swag, etc. We quickly found that my duties could be split into full-time tasks. I stuck with Marketing Designer and dropped Event Coordinator (now we have Gries who does an awesome job). As the company grew, so did the marketing team. I acquired the title of Marketing Lead, working with our crew to coordinate campaigns. I have loved every position at Hudl. It’s been great getting to see so many aspects of the company and the product.”

What’s been the best part of being a new mom? There have been so many bests in the last six months. The instant he was delivered was magical, finding out he was a he and seeing him for the first time was unlike nothing else. Another would be watching my husband be such a proud daddy. Seeing him show off Owen’s accomplishments has been fun and witnessing his love for him is so special. And the absolute best, seeing the huge smiles every day when I get home.

Would you rather bungee jump or free-dive? Definitely bungee jumping. I tried earning scuba diving certification and ended up being too claustrophobic to handle all the gear on my face and the pressure on my ears. That was only in a 10 or 12-foot deep pool. I can’t imagine hundreds of feet down. I really would like to cross skydiving off the bucket list of extreme sports, though. I’ve had a little practice jumping off a 25-foot cliff.

What are you most looking forward to in the next three months? Owen’s first word being “momma”. We’ve been really working hard on it.

If you could trade lives with anyone - just for a day or two - who would you pick? Tony Gonzalez’s wife, because, well, it’s Tony Gonzalez.

If you could break one law and get away with it, what would you do? Probably the one that I already break everyday. I kind of have a lead foot and a tinge of road rage. In my lifetime, I may or may not have been pulled over more times than I can count on both hands. It would definitely be nice if I could just get away with it.

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