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Shambo's Swan Dive Off Mt. Everest

Alt textSometimes we forget Brett Shamblin’s name is Brett Shamblin. We forget because everyone calls him Shambo in a really loud, aggressive way. There’s an SNL skit where Will Ferrell plays a total fratstar. Shambo is Hambone. We’re getting off topic.

What you actually need to know about Shambo is he’s considered one of the most athletic Hudlies. But we didn’t hire him for his vertical. He’s on board because we like him as a person. It’s hard not to when you hear about the service trip he just took to Jamaica with a bunch of high school seniors. How’d he get so great?

“Many people ask why I have a bit of a southern drawl – I grew up in Savannah, Ga. When I finally left Savannah, my six-month-old feet landed in Cleveland and St. Louis before spending the rest of my adolescence in Blue Springs, Mo. – birthplace of many famous athletes and musicians, such as Brandon Lloyd, American Idol David Cook, and Hudl CPO John Wirtz (who I once witnessed shredding Metallica in a middle school talent show.) My mom, dad, two older sisters, two brother-in-laws and soon-to-be five nieces and nephews make up my family – the best and most supportive on the planet.

“I played sports year-round growing up, and lived the dream playing college football as a walk-on at Pittsburg State in Kansas. I’m a firm believer that if you submit yourself to God’s plan for your life and work your tail off, you can make great things happen. I was fortunate enough to earn a scholarship, start 30 games, be voted a team captain, and play for a D-II National Championship with the Gorillas while earning two degrees.

“I spent a few of the most memorable months of my life traveling to Central and South America after graduation, before returning to Pitt State to coach and earn my MBA. After two and a half years fundraising for the University of Illinois, I landed this position on the sales team at Hudl as the Territory Manager for Georgia and Tennessee.

“I am completely in love with football, and credit much of what I’ve learned in life to lessons learned playing sports. I enjoy every single conversation I have with coaches who are looking to win and teach their players how to get better.”

Who’s your role model? If they jumped off a bridge, would you follow?
My mother and father are my ultimate role models, but I’ve recently gained a deep respect for former Super Bowl Champion coach Tony Dungy. If I had ever been lucky enough to play for him, I would’ve swan dived off Mt. Everest after sprinting through 1,000 concrete walls.

Give me your thoughts on orange juice and pulp.
One of the Top 10 running backs of all-time and a pretty solid Tarantino flick.

What would the title of your biography be?
“Shambo Tells All: The true story behind why he had a combover and bangs until 9th grade.”

If someone else had to describe you as an animal, what animal would they choose?
A college strength and conditioning coach once called me the Warthog. I thought it was equal parts an awesome animal to be compared to and an offensive shot at my lack of abs.

What’s your favorite food? Who makes it the best?
Fried Chicken, for obvious health reasons. Chicken Annie’s in Pittsburg, Kan.; Stroud’s in KCMO; and my loving mother, Pam Shamblin.

Construct the perfect ice cream sundae.
A brownie topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup (hot or cold) with as many chocolate chips, Oreo crumbles, and/or sprinkles as you can stand.

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