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Get Your Computer in Shape

Are you ready for some football? We sure are. The season is right around the corner and we’re starting to prepare for it just like all of our coaches. We know that your time is limited and that a computer issue is the last thing you need when you’re trying to upload your video on a game night.

We want to make sure that your computer runs as smoothly as possible this season, so you can dominate those video uploads. Here’s what we recommend you do:

Run Updates

Even when the season’s come and gone, it’s good to check for updates on your computer about once a month. It keeps everything running quickly and smoothly.

On a PC:

  1. Click Start and go to the Control Panel. There should be a Windows Update category in there.
  2. Run all of the important updates that it suggests. If you have time, it doesn’t hurt to run all of them.

On a Mac:

  1. Click the Apple in the corner of your screen.
  2. Hit Software Update and the updates should automatically begin.

Keep in mind, most updates won’t fully install until you restart your machine, so save any work you might be in the middle of before starting.

Firewalls – Yuck!

Firewalls are a common issue that we see on school computers because of restrictions on the school’s network. You can check for firewalls by uploading some video to Hudl.com while connected to your school’s network. If you run into any issues or get a pop-up that indicates the upload is being blocked by a firewall, have your IT staff check out our firewall information and make the necessary changes.

As always, we are happy to talk with you or your IT staff to help determine what needs to be cleared in order for an upload to go through.

Update Your Internet Browser

You hear it from us all the time – Google Chrome. When it comes to working on a PC, this browser is the way to go with everything Hudl. It makes a huge difference with those buffering and video playback issues you see. We also require it with some of our newer features, such as Practice Scripts, and our online editing tools. If you’re using a Mac computer, there are some issues with Chrome and Silverlight, so we suggest Safari over other browsers.

Internet Speed

Your Internet speed can be a huge road block when uploading video. Check yours at speedtest.net.

Download Speed
Your download speed will affect video playback and issues loading the video in your library. Typically, if you see a download speed of anything less than 5.0 Mbps, you may be in trouble. We suggest at least 5.0-10.0 Mbps.

Upload Speed
Your upload speed determines how fast you can get video from Video Editor or Mercury to Hudl.com. The lower the number, the less likely your video will end up online. We suggest a speed of at least 2-3 Mbps for uploads.

If your upload or download numbers are low, you can talk to your IT staff or Internet provider about increasing your bandwidth.

Clean Up Your Library

Open up some storage hours by either deleting or downloading old video to make room for new stuff.

Keep in mind that anything marked as game footage does not count against your storage hours, so you can keep those playlists in your library as long as you’d like. Practice and opponent scout videos are what count against you.

Update your Rosters and Schedule

It is important to have your athlete rosters up-to-date before the season starts so that you know your game film is being shared with the correct people. It’s all a matter of creating new player accounts within the roster, disabling or deleting those who have graduated, and adding current players to the newest season.

Check out Managing Your Roster for all the details.

Make sure that your schedule for the new season is added before you begin uploading games. This allows for you to easily sort each video with the corresponding game week.

Manage Schedule

Remember, practice makes perfect, so if you have time and a video to upload, try breaking it down and sending it to your library. As always, give us a ring or shoot us an email if you run into issues.

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