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Athletes Like Makeovers, Right?

We’re not going to lie – our athlete profile pages are boring. But it’s not the athlete’s fault. It’s ours. We’re not doing a good job of making you look like the rockstar you are.

You can’t really customize the page to reflect your true athletic self. And isn’t that the point of a profile? Not only that, but sharing specific highlights with family and friends isn’t easy. They either get your whole profile or nothing. It’s a pain and we’re sorry, but we have some ideas.

With the new Athlete Profile, you’ll have a lot more control over how your page looks and feels. With that customization, you can give family, friends and recruiters exactly what they’re looking for. Rather than lumping everything together, you can give fans a lot of content, and keep things tight for colleges who are only looking for the really good stuff.

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You can also give each video its own page. Ever have just one highlight that you wanted to share all on its own, without any other highlights to distract? You’ll be able to do just that.

We want to give you the new layout now, before it’s ready to go out to everyone. To be one of the first to make the switch, just follow us on Twitter and tweet your highlights with #MyHudl.

And be sure to clean up your existing highlights. Nobody wants that makeover going to waste.

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